Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Butter of the Peanut

Amy, I love all the pictures you send me every week. Seriously, it gets me through the hard times here. Anytime I'm feeling super low in confidence with myself, I read one of your stories or tell people one of your quotes. I taught an entire district of Latinas how to say "Get on my lips" last week. It was glorious. But I don't want all of our letter to be sad, which is why I will give you highlights. 

Hermana Bart, the CCMdoctor's wife told me that she hates everytime people say D&C, because it means dialation curitage. Now I want to say it all the time. 

I played the sports again yesterday and am pretty sure I found your doppleganger. She's named Aisha Davis (white), she's 23, and obsessed with Parks and Rec. We sang Jean Ralphio all through the gam and made other people annoyed. So even when I'm in the CCM in South America, I still have a little piece of you. 

Peanut butter here is literally translated to butter of the peanut. "Manteqiulla de mani."

In a lesson the other day my companeras and I taught about temple marriage, and I mixed up the word otro for other with ocho for eight. So, I basically told my investigator its okay to have 8 husbands in the temple. 

I'm so jazzed to hear you had a fun time at the concert. That sounds awesome, and you have an awesome single lady life.
 I don't have time to write Megan, but please tell her I found her dopplegander too! Hername is Abby Purse, and she has a voice just like her's. She also loved Star Wars and Dr. Who, and is Davis' roomate. So its meant to be. 

With love and sweats, 
Hannah Lima Bean