Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Testimony of the Book of Mormon (July 13)

This week we had a concilio with the zone, which basically is when all the missionaries get together and talk about what was learned in the Lima leaders conference. It was the first week president McGinn was here with his wife in Lima, and couldnt get to his office. Lima is super huge, and he was begginning to get lost. So, he decided to pray, asking for help. As he finishes praying, he sees the route in his head, and arrives safely in the office. It was his miracle. He then invited us to think about our miracles, saying that it isnt always something huge or extraordinary, but really just a time where we notice Gods hands in our work. I thought alot about the little miracles I see everyday. Like one less active with cancer, Jose Carillo, giving testimony that God loves him. Also, all of our investigators and most of our less actives reading the book of mormon, and one of them, Roseli, showing up at church on Sunday. And all the support we receive from the member here. The fact that Jennifer wrote me back today is a little miracle. 
I know that there are always going to be days where we may not feel in tip top shape, or we are painfully aware of the mistakes we make, our imperfections. Or it just seems like the efforts we make may not all be paying off. But if we can look back on the day and think or say that we have helped just one person. If I can say that I have helped an investigator, less active, convert, member, or other missionary, I will be happy. I see that as a miracle. That we are even here in this world, and we have the privelege to read the Book of Mormon, when it was lost for so many years and there were so many people that never had the opportunity to read it. I finished it for the 2nd time in English today, and I can say with all certainty that it is my favorite book. The most important book in the entire world, and I need to share it with everyone I know and feel should hear about it. It is a tool that not only serves me as a missionary, but will serve me as a return miaaionary, as a future wife and mother. It helpes me to become all that I am, all that God wants me to be. 
I am so happy that my family and friends have really embraced this sacred book, and that we have the privelege to share it with tons of other people. Me and Hma. Gardner were chatting about that in our intercambio together, how our testimonies have changed, and it really is amazing. We have cambios(transfers) next week, and we both will be left in charge of our areas in Nasca and Vista Alegre, showing our new companions how everything is. I have the confidence that although it will be hard, God has this all in the bag. 
I love every word that yall have sent me, and IU am sorry if there is not time to write more funny stuff, but I promise all the jokes will come when I am come! 
AMY CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW JOB! congrats to everyone on their little successes, little miracles. Look for them everyday, they are there, I promise;)
Shermana Addington
Read in 1 Nefi 3:7

Tight Like Unto a Dish (July 6)

Dear President McGinn, 
This week I have learned th importance of starting over and working harder. During these past couple of weeks, me and Hma, Tuquerrez have been struggling to find new investigators that can progress. We are extending baptismal invitations inevery lesson and really working to find less actives and recent converts from our ward list, but they still were not coming to church. But a miracle has happened, which is that almost every single one of them is reading the Book of Mormon. Roseli, the only investigator in church yeaterday, has called us every single day to tell us what she read and to ask questions, as well as our other less actives we are rescuing. Roseli still hasnt accepted a baptismal date yet, but she is growing in her testimony everyday, as well as the others. I have faith that either today or tomorrow she will accept a baptismal date, but I ask you to just pray for her, as well as all out other less actives and recent converts. I know that the Lord is at the helm of this work and we reall cannot do anything without his humble servants helping us. Have a great week, and say hi to Sister McGinn for me! 
Hermana Addington
This was the second letter that I sent to President McGinn. We had our first mulitzone with him on Thursday, and although it was completely different than mettings with President Douglas, I really feel like I learned alot. He and his wife really are somehtin. He is from Canada, she is from Los Angeles, and they met at the Y. Then, they moved back to Canada, then lived in Maryland, and came here. They talked about the experiences they had with the apostles and seventies, and gave testimony about the divinity of this work. It reall gives me confidence that the Lord really runs this work, and every change he makes in his church and in our lives is for a purpose. He wil never change, is always at the healm, but wants us to be molded and shaped until we are perfect in his sight. Sister McGinn read Ether 2:23 and 24 with us, promising us that God will always lift us after we fall, and she is our biggest fan. I feel like that is our job as missionaries and just children of God in general, congradulate people in their efforts, even more than just their successes.
I am with Hma, Gardner right now while Hma. Tuquerres and Mendez are learning a bunch from President McGinn in Lima, and I am loving having time with her. Although I miss Hma. Tuquerres, Hma. Gardner is teaching me so much. She has 6 months in the mission, but is wise beyond her years. We together are going to take care of our areas and find a bajillion families to baptize in these next 3 days!
I know that there are a bunch of challenges that we are going through currently, both in the mission as well as in school and work. But somehting Ether ch. 1, 2, and 3 taught me today is that God already knows how to solve our problems. What he wants from us is an offering, like what the Brother of Jared did with his rocks to find light for his ship. God touched them in an anwser to his faithful prayer, and them saw him face to face. I feel like our offerings are time, patience, and just good hard work. I am working on that currently, but I know that God responds to my prayers, he wants to bles me, and will when I show my faith. I know he will do the same with giving Amy a good job, Mama and Dad guidance for their family, Meg and Abby help  in their jobs and studies as well, and everyone else whatever it is that they need.

I love everyone! Have a great week, and read in the Book of Mormon! Jennifer, if you are reading this right now, I want to invite you to read the Book and Mormon and pray if it is true. I promise that when you do, you will feel a spirit and assurance like never before that these things are true. God has a solution for everyone, and a plan for us to live with Him after this life. Grandma Tackett will find comfort if you read with her. Although she forgets sometimes, hearing the words of Christ will help her to have the spirit.
 I love everyone! Read Ether 12:41 and share it with all your friends and family

Drown in Waffles and Love (June 16th)

This week had alot of really great beginnings and ends. And just to have yall know, its gonns be a little diffficult to concentrate right now because the lil girl right next to me in this internet is listening to marenge  music for kids. I dont understand Peru. 
Well, to start off, Hma. Tuquerres received the best new ever: This past Saturday her parents got baptized! During the whole week, we were sharing this news in lessons and pretty much with everyone we met. She was so happy, we included them in every single one of our prayers, and now almost her whole family are members of the church. Just missing her older sister. And, on the same day of their baptism, our amazing and real convert Agusto attended the temple for the first time to do baptisms for the dead. 
This experience just strengthened my faith so much, that really our objective is to be together as families and never separated. I was thinking alot about the blessing that I have had to be born in the covenant and have a sealed family, but also about all the aunts and uncles and grandparents that have yet to be sealed to me. They have seeped into my dreams at night, where I am teaching them as a misisonary about the things I teach everyday to families here- the bom, faith, repentance, the commandments. I can imagine myself inviting them to be baptized. My companion told me she does the same thing in her dreams, and that its just evidence that the mission has done its job- we have gotten to the point where we are applying this in our lives and with our families. I makes me so happy to know that I will be with my parents and sister forever, but thats still not enough. I have a strong feeling that when I get back I need to teah all of them. But I wont be alone! We really do need to chat with all the missionaries in thir areas so that we can give them the opportunity to know the gospel. It may be a little difficult at first, but bigger conversions have happened before, like in Alma 22 and Helaman 3. And especially Alma 36. If that could happen with people inicuo, (evil and rebellious) it can happen with our aunts and uncles and grandparents. I think I wanna begin with Andrea and Jennifer, they would be the closest to accepting the gospel. They are still living the in our old block, Everglade right? Let me know next time, okay? 
I just feel the need to get stuff going. Every single time we have someone in our branch accompany us or present their family, I get so happy they are extending this invitation of love to them, and it makes me want to do the same thing. We are having alot of changes here- this week we begin a new transfer, we are getting a new mission president in July, (sob), we have new missionaries here in Nasca, and we alot have a new branch and district presidency. And last but not least, the Trujillo Peru temple dedication this Sunday! It makes me a little overwhelmed, but more than anything excited. As they say int Doctrine and Covenants, "Yo apresurare mi obra en mi tiempo." 
i AM SO HAPPY THAT EVERYONE HAD AN AMAZING WEEK, AND i HAVE TO SIGN OFF RIGHT NOW, BUT i love everyone! Read Alma 32 and 26 today, you will feel better. 
Shermana Addington