Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gimme an Hand..or an Arm

This week has been another challenge, as always is in the mission. Monday, we headed to Gamarra in Lima Central to buya heapload of skirts and other womenly items that were desperately needed. We did not take any pictures though, because we would have beenb robbed blind. But it was the bomb once we passed by all of the skimpy stores and found the place where they make real skirts. The kind that they send to the little mamitas in the Sierra and Chiclayo. 
There the mountain winds dens a breeze right through your loins if you are not careful. So I bought these beautiful and slightly heavy skirts that have 2 hidden pockets, and a reinforcing line just in case you gain weight. And they only costed like 18 soles! A steal I might say. Then we headed out of the city and had a really good contact with a cab driver named Alfonzo. 

So anyway, all went well until Hermana Jiminez began to get sick on Thursday. She ran a super high fever, and we headed back to our room to get some rest. I helped her get a little better, but there really was a limited amount of things I could do with my arm in a sling. The funniest part was when we tried to lower the top mattress from the bunk bed so that she could sleep below. And I balanced that thing with two other ladies like a handicapped Atlas. But all is well now, and we have a determination to become our healthiest these last 3 weeks of the transfer! 

Really, Satan tried his hardest to destroy us through all kinds of terrible health situations, dis-motivation, and whatever other hard thing he can think of. But he really has just made us a little bit stronger. So thanks a mountain, Satan! 

All of these things that happen in the mission really are funny stories eventually, and you just have to laugh and put your trust in your talents and God. He is the only one that can life you out of your own grave, because he created you. I believe that strongly. Now if all our recent converts, Mauricio, the Lopez family, and Jesus Pantoja can realize that, they will all be a little bit more motivated to push on and make it to the temple! 

Everyone study Alma 36 and 38 this week. Its really good. 

Love, your one and a half armed friend, 
Hermana Hannah Addington

This is Emma Morocho, the stake President"s wife. She is super cool, a mama, an RM, and a fantastic cook. Here she is cookin cachangas, a Peruvian type of hotcake. 

Sooooo good. And her doogie Aisha, being petted by Hermana Jiminez. 

 We learned how to make cachangas last week with Hermana Emma. She is a cooking goddess.

And her puppy Aisha is really cute. Reminds me of Sparky.