Monday, October 6, 2014

The Fun We Had at the Temple

Are we having fun yet?( Quote from Party Down, I have no idea if anyone watched that show, but it was worth a shot.)

Well dudes and dudettes, I hope everyone is having fun at home, going through school and getting ready for Halloween. I really would like to celebrate Halloween here, but all of the houses that have lil convenient stores require that you pay for your candy. What a schtick, heh?

This week was full of a lot of ups and downs, but mostly ups. Me and Hermana Jiminez had the privilege of bringing Hma. Kelly and Hmo. Javier to the temple to do their baptisms, and Mauricion,Hmo. Segundo, and a new investigator to take a little tour of the grounds.

Although we couldn't"t enter with Javier and Kelly,me, Hma. Jiminez and Nielsen, (who is now working in Institute), really had a great time helping Mauricio and Segundo and Angel, our taxi driver get acquainted. Angel was just driving us to La Molina, and Hma. Jiminez began to talk with him about the Book of Mormon and his family. We invited him to just see the gardens, but then he stayed with us to watch a video, and then read a little from the Book of Mormon, and then see more of the stores, and ended up having lunch with us. He just loved everything. And I realized that if Hma. Jiminez had not begun to talk with him, he would have never known about any of this. Mauricio, who had been having a difficult time in church since his baptism, would have never had a change to share his testimony with him. And we would have never met the Elders in our ward who are really going to teach him and help him change his life.

This is my message for ya"ll this week. Keep in contact with the impressions from the Holy Ghost. There are more than you think. And watch the womens conference this week, especially the talk from Elder Utchdorf!

Love ya"ll like honey bunches of oats.Hermana Addington