Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Temple Pics!

We finished off this transfer with a super gratifying trip to the temple. We really are privileged that President Douglas is always (*not always, but often) allowing us to go and do endowment sessions. 
Our huge district in Chorillos consists of me and my companion, and El. Taysom and  his companion. 
And my other former companion, Hma, Jiminez, is in Chorillos right now with Hma. Turley! 

Warmer Egards

Thank you everyone for sending me the warmest regards every single week. It really does help me to know what everyone is up to when I have explanations to pictures. 

I just have to say, with all sincerity, when ya"ll forget to write me for some reason or another, whether it be business, bidness, or whatever, you do not have to apologize like a million times. It is not necessary. Really, I am just happy to read what is going on in your lives. Only if it is an emergency, (like the other week when I had no money), I need a response. 

But that could be resolved with just reading my emails and sending me a quick message like> I did this, sent this, have a good week! I will be supremely happy with that, trust me. 

Now with that being said, I hope everyone had a fantastic week! We were able to finish off this transfer going to the temple and doing an endowment session for ourselves! And of course, someone who lives in the Spirit World. It really is something amazing to be able to do, enter the temple. I feel like I am in heaven every single time I see the workers and other families doing sessions. I want to be a temple worker some day, it would be very difficult, but gorgeous

And then later, me and Hma. Ramirez finished training! She is officially my co companion from now on. We have this last transfer together, and then I am pretty sure she is going to head off to another area. And then I will train someone in this beach paradise, and then will probably get transferred somewhere else as well. And then I will probably serve in one other area before I finish my mission in September. Its nuts how fast the time passes. I am not trying to speed up my time here for any reason, but I just realized that the other day, what is going to eventually happen. 

I feel like it really was just the other day that I entered the CCM in La Molin, met Hma. Wilkins and Hafen, and experienced what a granadilla was. 

I still have so many goals, so many things I want to accomplish before I finish, but the other day I heard an Elder give his last testimony, and something he said helped me. He said"I still have a mountain of things to improve on, but I am certain that the reason we head home is because we have to at some point apply these things to our own home lives. Cuz really, the mission never really finishes. It isn't just the best 2 years (18 months), of your life, but the best 2 years(18 months) FOR your life. 

I know that this is a truth for all the people I have met here, whether they are just beginning, in the middle, have finished their missions, or are in whatever point of their lives. Our mission is to become like Christ, and that is a lifelong process. SO, be patient with yourself, work as hard as you can, use all your talents and strength to help others, and let God make up the rest. 

In other news, I am happy to hear that one of my cousins is out in the mission field, and I hope ya"ll can send her info so that I can write her! Also, EMILY CULP YOU GEMSTONE YOU! I did not realize that you had already come home!
I am super happy for you. 

Also, mama, yes, please be careful when you are biting nuts okay? President Douglas had to leave a multi zone early that other day because he had to basically get his mouth reconstructed by a Peruvian dentist. But now hi dentist is attending the church in Surco, so score 1 for him. 

Amy, I am happy that you could balance out the girl to guy ratio in yur shindigs, and I pleease don"t forget to tell embarrassing mission stories about me to your friends, ya? The other day I had my granny shoes fixed, because I am walking a mile in every day. 

Moroni 10:32, 33 Alma 29, D and C 110 and 6 

Oh yeah, for my birthday, since y'all are already asking about what to send*, 
I would just like 2 mini hymn books in English, and maybe Mormon Messages on DVD if you can swing it. Nothing else really! Ooh, twinkies and fruit roll ups would actually be super good. I am weak for the sweetz.
I love y'al! 
SHermana Addington