Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Make new friends, and keep the old, one is Colombian and the other Peruvian

The lovely Hermana Merren and the other Honduranians had to leave their missions this week to serve in Colombia, because apparently their paper had an error and they are not legally allowed to be serving in Peru. So, they all packed their bag and left the land of eternal rice, making like a bagillion changes in the mision field. I felt super bad to see Hermana Merren leave, with all her funny Utah/Honduranian gigglynes, but at least now she can actually finih out her mission with hopes of returing to Peru as a tourist. Other news, WE MOVED! POR FIN! We had just about had it with all the nutzo noise outside our apartment, plu the lack of constant electricity and water and abundance of cucharachas. Plus all the action happening with the mercado in front wa making us a little bit afraid to walk around. Don"t worry all, there were no deaths and we are not martyrs, we jut needed to be in a place that actually was not in construction 24/7. But thi new houe we are in right now is great, because we are cloe to Hermana Patty and her silly dog Max, members, and we can actually sleep at night without hearing any Corazon Cerrado song. We made the whole move in like 90 mins because we couldn"t break curfew. So, how is that for a challenge House Hunters? All of the coupe on that show are hilarious. "We need space for entertaining." I am not sure about the energy flow in this room."It"s all a bunch of Peruvian grade bologna. Really now all my standards for a house are: water, electricity, no cucarachas, no stabbing, and that really is it. And a roof and a floor. Cuz really that is all you need to be happy and comfy

I have no idea why ya"ll still do not have my phyical address, b/c I sent it like 4 time, but here it is:
Sister Hannah Joan Addington
Peru Lima South Mission
Av. Jorge Bassadre 592, oficina 604 A
Edificio Torre Azul, San Isidro
Lima 27, Peru
You can end all the packages and letter you want to thi, and you do not have to worry about the postage. Jut use normal U.S. postage and the mail will switch over to outh America magically. There, happy now?
I almost choked while eating dinner in a member"s house the other day, Luckily, Hermana Mendoza realized that I wa trying to Heimlich myself. The abuelita member wa trying to help, but she had no idea what to do.he was just like, "Hija, breathe, repirse." Finally, Hermana Mendoza got behind me and popped that sucker right out. Word to the wise for everybody: learn the Hiemlich manuver! It works like a charm. Her food was still really good, and we had dessert afterwards, but I till do not ever want a story like that again.
And now news from the field: We are teaching 3 families right now, 2 of which till need to be civally married in order to be baptized. But really they are o great and have a real deire to learn about all these things, like reading the scripture, attending church, and obviously being baptized. Me and Mendoza have really high hopes for them, because we know how much of a difference the gopel i making in their lives. 3 Nephi 12:14-16 say it better than me. Thank you everyone in my life for being my example. All my iter, my parents, the Perry family, all my friend on missions. Do not be afraid to share your light and references with the missionaries. You will be blessed.
  a little chuncky Hermana Addington

Hermana Morren (sent to Colombia) and myself eatin carbz..so many carbz