Monday, August 18, 2014

We Built This Schmitty on Tootsie Rolls

Awwhhh, what should I write this week? 
Well, first I should thank everyone who is reading this blog thing. Really it is kinda funny to hear that other people besides my family and friends are interested in the silly happenings of me and my companions here in Chincha. I hope this is giving you a breath of fresh air into mission life. And if not, well I really don"t have time to extend more because I only hve 20 minutes left to send out this email. But really, if you actually want to have the same experiences, or know a little bit more, accompány the missionaries in your own home! They are gonna have stories for miles, and you will be laughing all the way home like the 3 lil pigs. 

   We had a baptism this week! Our lovely Emma was baptized by our bishop Cordova in freezing cold water. Me and Hma. Mendoza slaved all afternoon to clean and heat the font, but to no avail. At least she felt warm with the spirit. Right after that her daughter Juana and her daughter Camilla had to head off to the hospital because she is like super pregnant and is sure to have that baby any day now, but they are still waiting until the doctor says everything is good. I just really want to see that baby before transfers! Is that too much to ask for? I taught her everything she knows!
Also, I think Hma. Mendoza is eventually going to be able to take them all to the temple with her future companion, because I am pretty sure I am going to a different area. But still, I am really happy for all of them, because I know they really will be loyal in the church. We set the foundation for which they can build their lil gospel house. 

Speaking of houses, we totally destroyed a wall this week for service! It was kinda the best thing ever, cuz I got to use an axe to chop a piece of wood,( safely lumberjack Grandpa  Clayton),and Hma. Mendoza had this hug pick that she used to break down the barriers. All the Elderes were pretty much surprised by our womanly strength.(shoutout to all my feminist ladies out there. Not really I still shave my legs when I can.Mostly.) But yeah it really was great to help other people. Many families in Peru are still in need of besic necessities like hot water and clean clothes, and people to help construct a proper house that doesn"t fall over with every terremomo( earth quake). It is sad, but it sure does motive us to work hard and help them establish the church here.
   I am so proud of all my family and friends sharing the gospel! Amy, ya did good with that taxi driver. But ya"ll really can ask your missionaries for phamplets! That have like a million of them that you could pass out during the day. (Just not the Law of Chastity or Word of Wisdom.) Also, if you copy someone"s addresss, phone number, and their agenda and just give it to the missionaries in your ward, they know what to do with it. 
But really, do not be afraid to share your testimonies! I felt really bad for not doing that more at home. But now I am repenting for it. 

   By the way, I am sending ya"ll a copy of my patriarchal blessing, because I left the copy of the first page at home like a dingus, and need it for guidance. If you could just send it to my email next week that would be great. i love you all! Have a good safe week! 

Hermana Hannah Banana Addington