Monday, September 7, 2015

The Last Pictures of My Mission (Aug 31)

Look at the llama! :)

Whelp, Here We Go... (Aug 31)

Dear President, 
I have seen so many blessings in this last transfer. At the begginning, there were only a few investigators, none of them progressing, and we had no less actives. Now we have een ale to see the failia Ramirez, Hmo. Eusebio, Hma. Nelly, and Hma. Magda a really cute old less active lady come to church almost every week. Hmo. Eusebio has accepted a baptismal date for October 3rd, and the Famila Ramirez is working towards a marraige and baptismal date for October 10th! I could not have wished for a better area in which to finish my mission. I am so grateful for all the blessings and trials I have been given, and to have finished with you as my mission president. But I still have another week to finish out strong! This is going to be the best week of my mission, I CAN FEEL IT! 
Hermana Addington (the last letter to president McGinn)
I just sat down at the computer 30 minutes ago and though, what the heck am I gonna say? This is my last email, so it better be something significant, ya know? I have already sent the funny pics an whatnot, so I guess all thats left to do is your testimony. Ya know what they say, when in doubt, tesify it out.
I am so grateful to have been a misisonary here for the last18 months of my life. First arriving, I though that the hardest thing I would ever have done is serve the mission, but now the hardest thing I am going to have to do is leave the mission. Its so cliche, all the things that misisonaries say, and I made fun of them before for saying them, but its true. I am so happy to have met the people I have met, like The Juana and Diego, Junior and Rosemary, the Tipismana family, Agosto, Ana, Roberto, Patricia, Adriano, Emma, Camila. All the poeple in Chincha, Nasca, Villa El Salvador, Chorillos, and Canete have stolen a huge chunck of my heart, and I am not going to be able to get it back until I return to see them someday with my family. I am so grateful for allmy companions, and all the embarrassig and groeing moments I have had with every single one of them. All the amazing members, the rejections and super weird contacts,(one man the other day asked us if Jesus CHrist was born crucified, and we almost died  laughing.) EVERYTHING. I just wanna thank everybody who wrote me, who helped me see the brighter side, shared their growing experiences with me. I know I am getting super sappy. Terrible.
I know that Jesus Christ himself watches over every single one of us. I know the temple is the house of the Lord, and that our families can be together forever.
my favorite scripture is 2 nEPHI 31:20 i AM JUST GOING TO WRITE OUR PART OF IT IN Spanish. "si marchais adelante, delitandoos en la palabra de Cristo y perseverais hasta el fin, tendreis la vida eterna."
I am so grateful to never finish my mission. Ever.
In the name of esus Christ, amen.
I love everyone of yall!
Hermana Addington
P.S.The next time you see me I will have gained about 25 pounds, which is actually just 10 kilos. 

Many Many Pictures from Ward Member Annie (Aug 25)