Monday, September 8, 2014

Chasing Pavement

I thought the name of this email was appropriate with what happened this week. When me and Hma. Jiminez were walking back from lunch with our pancionista Thursday, we were kinda hurrying because language study had already started. And lil preoccupied me did not notice one part of the sidewalk that was all busted up. 

And I just tripped and fell like the main character of a lame teen flick. It happened in like 2 seconds, so Hma. Jiminez had no idea I was hurt until I started panting like a puppy. And then this street cleaner come over to me, saying, "Que estas haciendo Senorita? Sabes que es peligrosisimo caminar asi?" (What are you doing lady? Ya know its way dangerous to walk like that?) And I simply said, "Esta bien, gracias." Because that was all I could say to keep in my shame. 

But luckily, no one else saw me. Until we started walking to the street to find a cab. And then like a million members spread the word that I was going to be operated, because he E.R. doctor told me my muscle was like tearing apart, with the tendons all loopy and what not. But the only thing that happened was my right elbow cracked, and I could not straighten out my arm. Thanks to a good orthopedic surgeon in Lima, I know that I can stay in the mission, still proselyte( Thats the word you were looking for megs:)

 And I just have to ask the amazing Hma. Jiminez and other relief society ladies to help me carry my bags. Really, I feel blessed, because I know I am supposed to stay in this mission, work with Hma. Jiminez, and see people enter the temple. Thank you Mama and Dad for letting me stay. I PROMISE  i will not fall anymore, unless it is into my bed with exhaustion at the end of the day. I could not help making a joke, it is the nature of my father in me.
Thanks for your help Megs, and your sweet letter Sean. And everybody that has kept me in their prayers and thoughts. People like ya"ll make serving this mission worthwhile.
Now I know what Nephi meant when he said. "I will not trust in the arm of the flesh soley, but in the God who gave me life. " True dat, Nephi, true dat.
Also read D &C 123:17, and 2 Nephi 25:17
Its just funny to read scriptures about extending arms now.)
elbowey Hermana Addington


Hey Family! This is a pic of my with my arm all bundled up in a cast. And these lil things are Peruvian dolls in representation of all of you: Amy, Abby, Megs, Mama, and Dad.