Friday, August 14, 2015

The Firefighters of Your Heart (August 10th)

Dear President, 
 Thank you so much for all of your advice this week acerca finding new election. It really has-been a blessing. Yesterday, we found a family of old Investigators, the Florentine Family, the parents and Their three little kids, and later, after an Appointment with another investigator fell through, we knocked on the first door nearby, and Were accepted in. We had a lesson with a family named Ramirez, and When we got home Counted That We had five new Investigators. But They Were not just numbers, They were amazing families, ready to learn and change. It really chnages my perspective When we meet a family, Strengthens my testimony. I Know That, Although Might we still not know Their future, we know Gods vision for them, and all can do our part to help them try to realize that. 
Have a great week, and say hi to Sister McGinn for me! 
Sister Addington  I am so happy That I Have Been called to this area. It has-been one of The most challenging, and funny excperiences of my whole mission. We found alot of new people this week, but the quantity will never Overcome the quality. We Have Been Struggling really this week, looking for less actives and Being Both rejected by them and other random people in the street. We knock on one door, and This Old lady starts barking at us to go away, so Hma. Freyre decide to say, "Thanks alot for your help," in Ingl├ęs. As we see her surprised face shut the door, we see this older man in the street. Hma. Freyre thought I was deaf, and I decided to take out a card and hand it to him. And Then He just looks right at us and throws it on the ground. I have all my mission faced rejection, in my whole life, but something About That day was just Particularly ominous. We head over to our house and watch leaders misison the Jeffery R.Holland and Eyring talk about the atonement and missionary work.They Thanked us for showing it to them, but I am pretty sure That Freyre and I needed more than them. It Has Been Such a great blessing to see These New Investigators also accept the gospel for the first time, it was like Alma Said in ch.36 "my joy was as great as my pain."  I just want to take as much advantage of esta time I have while I am still here. That I am so happy I can be a missionary in this Time, to be Able to invite people to be Baptized, to repent. I am super-happy to be coming home as well, dont get me wrong, but I know That it will not be the same.  Anyway, in other words, I am totally cool Meg With bedspread whatever you wanna buy me. I will be the happiest girl in the world just to Have things, Because I think I am going to leave almost all my clothes in the misison. Because I dont know what I would spread to the US  Um, your answers, I shop at Wal mart like store esta called Tottus to get all my produce, but everything else in the market. We usually take minivans / vans) everywhere, or bikes or taxis. Either And we always eat Chicken, fish, or pork (pork), and rice with yucca and corn. > Funny experience: in a lesson yesterday this little baby started crying, so His mother gave him a nail and hammer. Literally 2 min later the little baby almost swallowed it. And Then His Dad Talked About a dream I HAD Where Jesus was crying. Peru. Nuff said. I love yall! Read Helaman 14, its the best chapter about the atonement Love,  Sister Addington

The Real Life of Canete (August 3rd)

This is titled The Real Life of Canete becauseI HAD no other notion of what to put in the box. So here we go. 

Dear President, 
this week has been really full of miracles. We're starting out from scratch in our area, with new researchers, new less active, all except for the recent converts. Actually I have the feeling that this area is burning potential, just get it, as you have taught us. contact with a family on the street the other day was established, and the mother Turs (Fabiola) is a less active and her partner (Enrique) is a researcher. Both are very interested in the church and miraculously arrived at the church on Sunday! Although it was only the second time they came! We also have a sister named Nelly, whose daught and her husband are active members. She started coming to church just after her husband baptized his daughter. With all his attendance at church, she could be baptized soon. We just have to find the right time to teach her, when she isnt working. But we have faith that everything will be fine! 
Many thanks for all your support and care! You and Siter McGinn has a great week! 
Sister Addington
Dangit, I really did not mean to send yall This First letter to the president in Spanish. The new page just Automatically translated it while I had my back turned. But he, thats why theres google translate. And google it fails, Which Usually it does, take it to any other RM who needs the cash and ask them to translate that bad boy.
This week has-been amazing, not just in terms of the food my new pancionista Annie cooks us but in many things. We saw Fabiolaand esta Enrique Come to church Sunday. They Were, Although late, They kept their word! All We Have to do now is have the support of Annie and Edelmo (husband, just got married and Baptized past Saturday) So They can stop living together and start getting married as well! Also, we have a sister named Nelly, Whose husband and daughter are members, and have gone to church like 4 times, all 3 hours. She Could Easily get Baptized, we just gotta help her warm up a little bit through lessons. The weather currently is not helping that. But I know That this is all in Gods wonderful plan.
Otherwise, we are strugglig a little to find new Investigators and less actives, but we do what Pres Hinkley Gotts said:. Forget ourselves and GO TO THE CHAMBA! (Workfor all you white people) 
I am excited, Because Hma. Freyre is a great companion, and we reallycan work together even more miracles. 
Thanks for all your prepation yall and love, I just wanna hug each and every single one of you! Soon! 
Ps. PLEASE do not just serve me in my homecoming meal rice. I wish to stay away from crazy That carb for at Least 11.7 months. 
I love everybody, have an amazing week! 
Sister Addington

PS Read in Jacob 4 and John 13 about the atonement.  Its amazing.  Sister Addington

Me and SISTER FREYRE in New Imperial aka. the real life of ··

From Nascena to Canetena (July 28th)

Dear Presidente Mc Ginn, 
Thank you so much for the opportunity that you have given me to serve in Nasca. It has been amazing to teach there, all the converts and rescues that I have been able to see progress. I have seen so many miracles in that area As the leaders took in our change, we spent 2 hours on sunday talking about all the things to improve and change in Nasca. all the ways that the leaders are going to take part in visiting. Now that the elders are in charge of all the houses in their and our old area, the branch set high baptismal and rescue goals for August and Saptember. And now in Canete, my companion and I have the chance to take all our efforts and talents and put them in to action. This area has amazing potential, both with the leaders as well as the less actives and recent converts. I promise to do everything I possibly can to leave this area in a better place than I found it. I have already met amazing people like Annie ,a recent rescue with her recent convert husband preparing ot receive a patriarchal blessing, as well as Eduardo, our ward misison leader. and a great future investigator names Carlos. This transfer will be filled with miracles! 
Hermana Addington
So this week has been  one of the most interesting in my whole misison. Me and Hma. Tuquerres are finishing planning Saturday night, waiting for the call for the changes. I am postivite that Hma. Tuquerres is going to be changed to  Canete, Ica, another area, because she already had 4 months in Nasca. And I was ready to be in charge of the area with my new companion, maybe even be training for my last transfer. And then the call comes. First Elder  Rogers says I have a change to Canete. And then, Hma, Tuquerres is also being changed to Canete, but a part called Mala.I We both just kinda sit there in shock for a second, not knowing what to think or do. we send a message to our converts, giving them the strange news, and then, I just start writing letters to each and every single one  I can remember. I had no idea that I was going to be transferred, and our area was going to be left in charge of the elders. But I went about just sending as many letters and clothes, whatever things I could to each and everyone to express my appreciation and gratitude. The next day is a whirlwind of planning and turning over everything to the elders, who are now going to be working in a super huge area. We have lessons, despididas(goodbyes), everything at once. I finish packing I think around 1 am, and we have to arrive at teh horrible Soyuz at 5:30. I have no idea where all my phyical strength came from, but I can say that I will never forget these past few days. I was thinking about Isiah 58:13, 14, that say that Gods thoughts and actions are much higher and grander than our actions, and Naphi when he says he doesnt understand the meaning of all things. Although I may not understand all the whys, I can trust that  God has a plan for me, Nasca, all our converts, less actives, and investigators that we began to teach and help. Esp. Hmo. Agusto and sister Mirella), and know that his plan for me is much bigger. I have trust he knows exactly what he is doing, and that I need to be in Canete with Hma. Freyre, my new  and last companion. I couldnt be more grateful to have her. She may look gringa, but she is half Cuban, goregous, and we are going to get along very swimmingly. (well, we pretty much already do.) 
I am so grateful to everyone for all their love, support, and letters today! Keep on trustin in Gods plan! 
Hermana Addington

What the Fish? (July 20th)

Dear Pres. McGinn, 
This week has really been a week of revelation and help for me. When we had our zone meeting on Tuesday, I was really thinking in how we could better our finding eforts, as well as have more investigators progressing. It has always been a challenge to find married families here, and eve more so ones that are willing to be baptized. But as I thought about the council given on Saturday by you, the assistants, the zone leaders, and opther missionaries, I realized something. We have a specific area, companionship, and calling for a reason. If God gave us everything already solutioned or us, there woiuld be no challenges, there would be no overcoming, andmy companion nor I would learn what we have lerned at this point in the mission. So, I have made the resolution to not only accept the resources God has given me, but use them to their full potential, really amplify and aument what has already been given to me. I am seeing our investigators, our less actives, and converts in a new light. I know that we really are going to have success when we focus on the work this way, and I thank you for helping me to learn and understand that. I really feel like this week is going to be amazing, full of even more miracles and success. Thank you for the dedication and love you and Sister McGinn give everyday. I promise to work as hard as I can this week to make ya"ll(I am from Texas after all) proud! 
Hermana Addington
This week really has strengthened my testimony, in regards to looking for and finding solutions. I was reading in the Book of Mormon, in Ether 2, and thought about the way that the lord solutioned the brother of Jareds problem. It wasnt with some huge miracle that happened instantly, but with small little hints here and there, and his own questions as well, so that he himself could show his faith and be blessed by the Lord. aT FIRST, HE SAYS, IN CH. 2:24-25 that he himself creates the winds and difficulties, challenges, and then, asks him what solution the brother of jared needs to give. and then eventually he shows himself to the brother of jared after he shows his faith. That is my short but sweet message today, show you faith=receive a miracle, a blessing. I know each and everyone of yall can do that today and everyday this week and I am so proud of yall for it!
Sorry there wasnt enough time to write today, but enjoy the pics of Marcona! It was stinking goregous.
P.S. Amy I am coming home on September 9th, rmeember that. Ask mama and Dad, they should have all the plans received by the mission office. I am so excited to see YOU!
Shermana Fish Addington