Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mariposas de amor

Dear world,
Right now there is a song going on in this internet called "Mariposas de Amor". Its...interesting to say the least. I think I am going to take dance classes when I get home, so that I can finally learn to dance to these songs.

Any who, not seeing any new emails in my inbox but from Gran and Gramps, I am assuming that everyone is okay. I heard that Amy is finally in Latvia! Somebody give her a big European kiss for me through email, because I have no idea if any of these messages have been getting to her inbox. I am so proud of her for deciding to serve, she really is gonna learn a lot.

This week was  a little bit more normal, I"m getting to know the area a little bit better, avoiding all the deliciously expensive tourist traps, and seeing gringos everywhere. Its kinda funny, but I am almost embarrassed to see them in public now, although I know that I secretly am one of them.

(Secretly) We met a super cool investigator this week in the street! This guy named Roberto, walked up to us and asked us for a folleto (pamphlet). He told us he has a friend who was baptized and then moved far away, and lost contact with the church after that happened. And after 2 lessons in a members house, he's attended church and accepted a baptismal date for February. It really was hard for me at first believe he was sincere, and not just a creepy stranger that I had met in the past. It is always important to be safe, and I am not undermining the importance of always teaching in a member's house, but sometimes you have to listen to the spirit a little bit more to decide what to do.

Hma. Ramirez helped me to realize that we have to be more open to all people, because God is always putting them in our path. We are also teaching a less active named Luis Alberto, who is a blind physical therapist. He is so cool, and although left church because of his work life, he really wants to return back, and listens to his audio scriptures everyday. We are going to begin teaching him with videos too, and send him texts with his reading assignments, so that he can listen to them later. Its teaching of the future, people.

Also, we are making a mountain of plans to bring people to the temple, and do baptisms for the dead! These are things I never thought I would be able to do in my mission, but our President is super inspired, and wants us to cover the whole plate. Finding, teaching, baptizing, and temple working.

Which is why I hope that y'all have taken my advice, (my exhortation, in fancy English) and talked to your non member and less active friends, and invited them to church! Seriously, just do it, invite them to the house, and especially if they are less active, watch a vid with them about the temple. It helps them so much, and you are all being missionaries.

Me and my hija (Hma. Ramirez) are waiting for y'all to take initiative and share!
If you do it, I will give you cookies! (when I get back)
Love y'all have a great week!
Hermana Banana Addington