Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I know we are actually 3 weeks away from the Navidad (or Christmas as my white people say), but me and all of the other missionaries in the world right now are feeling the spirit and ready to celebrate already. Maybe its because we had a mulitzone conference with the president and his wife this week, and they gave us a super spiritual boost, complete with the David Archuleta musicvid for "Glorius", and Sister Douglas gave us her testimony in her limited Spanish, almost crying, and then we saw a video about the spirit of Christmas called, "He is the Gift." And now we have a bunch of little cards to share with everyone, trying to find new investigators and help the church grow. Every single time I get on the web and talk with my family, see a little bit of the outside world, I am amazed at all the changes that have happened, both in my personal life, in the chuch, and in my own growth. We are constantly changing and becoming new and different people. The person I was 1 year ago when I opened my mission call is completely different than the person I am now. I have learned alot of things, mostly how to be more humble, patient, and definitely trust more in God than anyone else in the world. (1 Nefi 9:6, Alma 32:42-43, D&C122:7-9, 121:45) I have never cried so much in my entire life, or laughed as much, as when I have been on this mission. And although it is half over, I still feel like I am starting over everyday I have to correct myself, but that is the beautiful thing about the Atonement, that we can repent every single day and become new people. Better people. Junio and Jesus, 2 investigators preparing for baptism this week, have both told me that they want to be prefect and new pwoplw, and by going to church, reading their scriptures, and praying constantly everyday, they are becoming new poeple. Better, more like Christ. Me and Hma. Guelet had nothing to do with that, we just introduced the lessons and helped them to feel the spirit a little bit more. They really changed, with the help of God.  That is why they want us to share their message with as many people as we can, so that everyone can have this change in their hearts. Not because they want to annoy us, or make us do stuff we don"t like. But really come to them and be better. Everyone neds to share this He is the gift video right now, with all of your less active, investigator friends, and anyone you can think of! Because it is going to change the world. Seriousle, if this was not such a good video, I would not be promoting it so much. The videos in the church are soon stinking good right now, I think I might become a filmmaker when I get off my mission, just to make some of these! Thank you to everyone who always wries me, supports me, and sends their love and greetings. I am doing great, and hopefully after Christmas I will get transferred to the south to get some good walking in and lose all this weight from Paneton. The other day we ate with our pancionista, and her son washed all the fruit for desert, and then said, "I even open up the banana, washed it whole, and sealed it back up." Hma. Addington
Another one of Hma. Guelet cooking up a storm and loving it. Also, view from Hma. Morocho"s 4 floor house, which me and the elders helped decorate for La Navidad.