Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Chiste! Chiste! (That's the Peruvian word for psych or joke). I'm not coming home at all. I love it here, and since it's April Fools I couldn't resist. I love you all so much and your emails keep me going each week. I want you all to know that.

Things that made me laugh super hard this week:

-Elder Gibson made a mountain of jokes this week. That song from Warm Bodies, "I got a love that keeps me waiting" (by the Black Keys),he changed it to I got a snack that keeps me waiting. 

-Gibby calls playing the piano tickling the ivory. Nuff said.

-Every time we play futbol/soccer he acts like Dwight from the office

-The boys in my district are so young their voices crack like they're still in 7th grade. it especially sounds good when they sing "called to serve" 

- I complained about the wet bathroom sinks the other day and this girl Chandler was like "my rule is, if its wet just wipe it." love her

-I complemented Chan on her beauty when she was washing her face last night, and she was all, "Dishonor on your family!", like the creepy eyeliner-ed matchmaker from Mulan

-someone came back from the bathroom saying mission accomplished. That is now a bathroom saying.
-The "Let it Go" song from Frozen is quite popular in the bano as well

-The fact that I keep talking about the bathrooms is hilarious

-during class a fiesta was going on, and the fireworks going off made me feel like Max from The Book Thief. the part when he came out during the bomb raid. 

-I'm totally throwing grammar to the wind

- Mi maestras started calling all the Hermanas "Barbies", and the Elders "Kens".

  Things that made me cry this week:
There weren't as many sad things going on this week, but I still felt like I was pretty overwhelmed. 

-I screwed up a lesson with a fake investigator b/c I couldn't tell her what I wanted to in Spanish. I knew exactly what would help her to gain confidence and feel better in English, but I didn't remember how to say it in Spanish. 

-I miss hugging Mama and Megan and Abby and Amy, and even Dad when he finally loosens up

-One of my Elders, Elder Foote, went home this week because he was too depressed and his OCD was kicking in really bad. He couldn't concentrate, and when he left I felt super bad for him. He'll probably come back in a few months, but I know that's gotta be hard for him. 

I am so grateful for all of your letters and love, and I can't believe that I'm running out of time again and can't tell you what I wanna tell you. I still have proseliting stories. But that will be something to look forward too! Next Tuesday baby, next Tuesday. 

I love you all, I'll write more later!
-Hermana Addington

This pic is me and my old sister Gonzales! She left for her mission in Huancayo last week, and I miss her like the dickens. Luckily she came to the temple right when I did! She's Aussie, super cool, and super beautiful. When we end our missions we'll tour Australia and America together.

Girl Talk

    I am so sorry I didn't have enough time to reply a longer email last week. I had a computer that was slower than the one from back to the future and had to condense all my though into a one hour email! But you know I love you more than helado. (ice cream in Spanish. Sounds dirty, right?)
   So I have realized that boys are weired, and don't  make sense half the time, and eat their food way too fast, esp. at the CCM. All the 3 guys in my district are younger than me by about a year, and they talk about making lists of girls they've kissed, or who's waiting for them, like they're off at war right now. Like that song in Mulan, A girl worth fighting for. It's kinda hilarious.
   2 of em, Gibson and Paramore, went to BYU I last year and lived in the exact same apt. complex, La holla at La Jolla. So I could've easily met them and not even known it. We would've definitely been friends, because they both quote Billy Madison, School of Rock, and 30 Rock together. Plus, Gibson ( I really wanna call hime Gibby soon), is obsessed with sandwiches and even wrote a song for his school talent show about it , called O Sandwich. Look it up on youtube, it might be there. 

   So my Aussie friend Shanel Gonzales who left for her mission in Huancayo yesterday. We've forged a sisterhood only over a few weeks. She quotes pitch perfect and shared her vegemite with me at lunch, and she has beautiful skin.  She's in the next pic I'll send you. 

   I may not be able to send you something right on your b day, b/c sending packages here costs an arm and a leg, and they take forever to get to the states, like on the pony express. But, I get into the field a week later, so I might be able to send you something then. I'll figure it out a write you an answer next week. 
   I love you more than Wes Anderson loves the color yellow, and I'm so proud of all your accomplishments. Be who you are, do what you do, quote 30 rock, stay in school only until you have to graduate, and share your love with the world! 

Lima Bean
P.S. I think I typed too fast, so spell check this in your mind, ok?