Thursday, February 5, 2015

Worldly Paradise and Spiritual Paradise

The Yellow Brick Road

We love you. Sister Addington, look for ways to build those you serve with. See the positive in everyone and build upon the positives. Give worthy compliments more frequently. You will feel the Spirit strongly as you do. Your heart will fill with more love. We love you!This was the latest message from my amazing mission president, President Douglas. He always sends out messages to the sisters every Monday. He is always trying to help us feel like we can do anything, building our confidence, but also correcting us when he knows we could do better. The longer Ive been in the mission, the more I have grown to love his counsel and help, like a father gives to all his daughters. I feel like he reflects my Dad a lot. (Dad smile because I just gave you a public compliment) President Douglas finishes his mission in June, and then comes another one from the U.S. I will miss him tremendously, and finishing out the first 3 moths of my mission will be weird without him, but I am positive that the next president will be great as well. 
Thank you for listening to my money hungry cry and helping me out! I was so stressed out last week about expenses, but everything turned out to be fine. Turns out the rescued member Fidencio, (cute old man in photos), we brought to the temple was a real gentleman. He paid for our travel, breakfast, and lunch when we came home. Also, Helen, the other rescued member who came to do baptisms, helped as well. We had our Famila History coordinator Elena with us, Sandra to take care of Helens baby Yovanna (only the cutest baby in Peru), and also Fidencios less active son and nonmember neighbor! It was quite the hoot being there with all of em. We also caught up with Hma. Zambrano and her comp. Hma. Jara from Family History. 
The best part was entering the temple to see Fidencio and Helen do baptisms for each others great grandparents and deceased cousins. Although they are not related, they could help each other in a way that no other ordinance in the world can. It was a sight to see Fidencio and Helen baptize about 14 times, especially because Fidencio didn't think he would be strong enough. He is a complete beast, he lived through South American depressions for crying out loud! 
But anyway, it really was a great day. It made me want to do my own family history, at least fill my lil book, Mi Familia. Dad, please give me birth dates, locations, and death dates of my great grandparents, and great great grandparents! I know you can find em! 
The rest of the week went well. We work with the mission secretaries, so they always run favors for us. They are super funny and normal, but motivate me to get off my butt and work harder. It really does help. Now whenever I feel discouraged or stressed, I just work. It makes me happier. I never realized that when I read my mission call, but it is super true. If I can see people in the temple, I am happy, and know that my work has paid off. But I need to keep doing more. 
That is the goal everyone should strive for. ALWAYS be worthy to enter the temple, help others enter. Do work for people that cannot realize it for themselves. 
I love you all, hope you have a good week, and keep smiling and eating good food! 
Alma 26, Alma 7: 19, 23, And Alma 29
Shmermana Addington