Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thanks For the Love, Y'all! (Aug 17th)

Dear President, 
This week we have have very unexpected miracles. Well, all miracles are unexpected, but anyway. We were looking for a street contacts house and asked this old man in his doorway for directions. Then, he tells us of having a Book of Mormon given to him  long ago, and enjoying reading it. Eventually, we teach him about the restoration, and invite him to church. 5 minutes before sacrament starts he goes off to buy some milk, and we think he is not going to make it. But about 20 minutes in, before the santa cena, we see another street contact walk in the door. We had not even taught him yet , and this little old man named Gregorio just walks into the chapel! And then the other investigator, Eusebio, walks in as well! It was like a dream, seeing them both there. Although we still have so much to teach them, I am just grateful God was able to give them the energy and want to attend church. 
We have also found other new investigators this week thanks to recent convert references, and are excited to see how they progress! 
Thank you so much for your training this week. It really was great, especially with the focus on the spirit. 
Have a great week! 
Hermana Addington
My message today is gonna be super short, sweet, and to the point, like my pancionista Annie. Yall have already read about the cutest old men in Canete showing up at church. This week we also saw the miracle of a good bath with Annies dog Tuqutin. He literally had not been bathed in 2 years. Now he is a new man, dog.
Also, I received personal revelation through the Tharps. I was talking to them and also listening to a talk on the Atonement, and I now understand a little more about Jesus Christ. I have no time to write down the scriptures right now, but just read in Matthew 26 and Lucas 19. The best stories ever.
Thanks yall so much for your unflinching support! You really are making my last transfer that much better. As Hermana Tharp always says, "Just gotta go with it, ya know?"

Shermana Addington