Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Leaving Day

Sister Addington officially left today! It was difficult for my family and I (Meg, Sis. Add's sister) to let her go. Hannah brings so much light and positivity to family, and she is such a sweet person to be around. But, our dad said that we cannot be selfish, and we must share her with the world. 

Sister Addington should be arriving in Lima here in about 20 minutes or so, and she will embark on an incredible journey that will touch so many lives. We are all incredibly proud of her decision and her bravery. Here are a few pictures we took before the boarded the plane. 

Hannah and our Dad (he is so proud!)

Hannah, me, our Momma, and Abigail

A lil' selfie for y'all

Han and big sis Amy 

Han and lil' Abs

We can't wait to see what Peru will bring Hannah! :)

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