Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Peruvian Sweats

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to send a longer email last time- I was being really watched because I was in the mission prez. office. Hermana Gonzales is great though, she has a perfect way of saying sorta offensive things like Mama, but in a real sweet Peruvian way. The other day she gave everybody a lesson on the improtance of the temple, and told us about the time she met her husband as a crazy mousachioed, biker jacket, long haired man. When we laughed, she was all, "It was the 70's! Get over it!" LOLZ. Also, she calls the beetles outside cucarchas, like in tha little kid song, and she sang it for us. It was glorious. All the teachers here are kinda like that though, they can't really express themselves in English too well so they say things in Spanish with a sarcastic and happy smile. The ongoing joke about this Elder Foote is realmente funny. Hermana Caba just calls him fut, like in futboll, and we're always so tired we laugh way hard. GAA LEE I HATE THE SPANISH KEYBOARD. Its so hard to figure out.
Hmm. What else was super funny? I accidentally burnt my hair off the other day because I forgot about the voltage, and everyone was like, what's that curry smell? Also, I have some awesome Aussies in my ward who quote pitch perfect all the time like they should. Oh, and I'm now being called a feminist because I forget when its a good time to shave my legs..i.e. all the time. But, also asserting my womanliness is the only way to keep from being attracted to all the guys here. Yesterday they were playing futbol, then sang out loud, and then, cried during a devotional. My hormones are going nuts right now. But its also really funny, cuz we can't even tough each other to handshake, then diseases will spread, esp. the runs. So, we touch watches and other stuff like that.
Mi espanol is comin along, but I have to make sure that when I switch back to Spanish I don't sound like Nacho Libre. That's Elder FUT's job, cuz he's from Utah.
TODAY WAS P DAY! We went to the temple and had a bomb time riding on the crazy bus, like from Arthur. Absalutely, bussa looey! But seriously, its like they are in total race bumpercar mode, and everybody cuts into the street like its all cual to have an accident at noon. But I love it so much. We went to the Lima temple, which is tiny but goregous, and had a good time looking at all the cute little old ladies. Also, we went to the Peruvian Wal Mart, otherwise known as Tottus, and had a grand time hearing all the spanish covers to Beatles and Keane songs on the loudspeaker. It was kinda great.
The food is super good for the most part, kinda questionable, esp. the meat, which I think is llama when there's a huge hunka bone. But, it all tastes kinda corny and sweet, even gravy and icecream and pudding. I just keep thinking, why can't we have like a salad or somesing?(nacho). B/c the veggies and lettuce are always a little dirty. But its cual.
When you see the pictures I took today, you'll think, how can she look so glam and drunk at the same time? Sweats, sweats is my answer. I have sweated about half Tom Haverford's weight in sweat alone in the past week, and I'm kinda lovin' it. 
The first pic is of me, Hermana Hafen, and Hermana Wilkins, in front of the CCM.
 This second pic is of my whole district, Elders Fut, Gibson, (I call him Gibby), Livingston and Paramore( no relation to the band, sadly). And then mi companeras. We're wee in number, but big in heart.

I wish I could write more, but you know I suck at typing and have to get to mama's email, but I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH and am so proud of you all.
Until next carrier pigeon, 
Lima Bean

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