Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Chiste! Chiste! (That's the Peruvian word for psych or joke). I'm not coming home at all. I love it here, and since it's April Fools I couldn't resist. I love you all so much and your emails keep me going each week. I want you all to know that.

Things that made me laugh super hard this week:

-Elder Gibson made a mountain of jokes this week. That song from Warm Bodies, "I got a love that keeps me waiting" (by the Black Keys),he changed it to I got a snack that keeps me waiting. 

-Gibby calls playing the piano tickling the ivory. Nuff said.

-Every time we play futbol/soccer he acts like Dwight from the office

-The boys in my district are so young their voices crack like they're still in 7th grade. it especially sounds good when they sing "called to serve" 

- I complained about the wet bathroom sinks the other day and this girl Chandler was like "my rule is, if its wet just wipe it." love her

-I complemented Chan on her beauty when she was washing her face last night, and she was all, "Dishonor on your family!", like the creepy eyeliner-ed matchmaker from Mulan

-someone came back from the bathroom saying mission accomplished. That is now a bathroom saying.
-The "Let it Go" song from Frozen is quite popular in the bano as well

-The fact that I keep talking about the bathrooms is hilarious

-during class a fiesta was going on, and the fireworks going off made me feel like Max from The Book Thief. the part when he came out during the bomb raid. 

-I'm totally throwing grammar to the wind

- Mi maestras started calling all the Hermanas "Barbies", and the Elders "Kens".

  Things that made me cry this week:
There weren't as many sad things going on this week, but I still felt like I was pretty overwhelmed. 

-I screwed up a lesson with a fake investigator b/c I couldn't tell her what I wanted to in Spanish. I knew exactly what would help her to gain confidence and feel better in English, but I didn't remember how to say it in Spanish. 

-I miss hugging Mama and Megan and Abby and Amy, and even Dad when he finally loosens up

-One of my Elders, Elder Foote, went home this week because he was too depressed and his OCD was kicking in really bad. He couldn't concentrate, and when he left I felt super bad for him. He'll probably come back in a few months, but I know that's gotta be hard for him. 

I am so grateful for all of your letters and love, and I can't believe that I'm running out of time again and can't tell you what I wanna tell you. I still have proseliting stories. But that will be something to look forward too! Next Tuesday baby, next Tuesday. 

I love you all, I'll write more later!
-Hermana Addington

This pic is me and my old sister Gonzales! She left for her mission in Huancayo last week, and I miss her like the dickens. Luckily she came to the temple right when I did! She's Aussie, super cool, and super beautiful. When we end our missions we'll tour Australia and America together.

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