Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dry Old Endings, New Humid Beginnings

When and where in this country will I ever find a good internet like I had in Chincha? Seriously, I feel like the guy in that apple wheel spoof, trying to send an email to his friend for 45 mins. Heh, oh wheel. 

This mission has taught me to have a mountain of patience. I think I am going to change my second name to Patience. Sorry Mama, i know you gave me the middle name Joan, and I love it, but really. 

So this week went by really fast and slow at the same time. I am enjoying being closer to Lima and seeing all the sight and sounds and new crazy dogs, but now I am also trying to remember a new area. But it really is not that hard. Everything in the map of Lima is in the shape of a square, so it really is not that hard to find houses. 
And we are like 40 from the temple now! We have a trip next week, if everything goes well. I am so excited i WANNA PEE MY PANTS. 

But in all seriousness, the mission is beautiful, as always. Things are getting a little better and better with every transfer. I know a little bit more Spanish, I can teach a little better, and now I am living in the stake president"s house, so we have actual hot water! 

We have 2 newbie Elders in our district, Americans. And it really is funny seeing how I used to have the same struggles as them. With feeling confident, taking everything in, having a feeling that I can actually work with all the members and other missionaries. now I can pass my little words of wisdom to them.

And we had a baptism this past week! An investigator named Mauricio, who really is great. I only had like 2 lessons with him before so I really did not know him well before his baptism, but me and Hma. Jiminez had a fast beforehand to make sure everything went okay. 

I am sending the packet this week, with letters and all kinds of goodies! 
And also tell Amy Laura she should be expecting a letter. 

I love you all! Sorry this message was short. Thank you for all of your support and prayers I really feel protected at night. When you all need a pick me up, read The Living Christ, Alma 7, and also your patriarchal blessings. Super motivating stuff. And just eat peanut butter, and cry. And listen to the Mo Tab choir. And other mormony things I can suggest, because I am a missionary and that is what I do. 

Sincerely, your slightly more round, 
Hermana Addington

This is Mauricio (recent convert), his friend Segundo, Hmas. Nielsen, Munoz, Jiminez, and me. This is just to show you all that we as Peruvians, Americans, Mexicans, and Chileans have fun too!

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