Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blame It On the Rain, ya ya

Well, I am super glad y'all liked my photos last week, because this week I forgot my adapter for my camera and cannot send any.But its cool, because I could take more time now to send a heartfelt letter that will make y'all both laugh tears of joy and cry laughs at the same time. 

 Just a few old photos to show for the heck of it. She'll be angry later LOL

 Hannah and me. BFF's pretty much..

 Hannah swaggin in Hawaii '09

I'm sure if she found a tramp she'd recreate this pose

Geez, these letters that I received from ya"ll are so funny, I am laughing like a fool just from reading little parts of them. So much that all the nerds in this Internet are looking at me all weird, (like I"m the one that doesn't have a life. lol) (One of them is making a game character that he says looks just like his "girlfriend". Keep dreamin Carlito, keep dreamin.) 

This week has been really fun, because I got to have an intercambio (exchange) with the girls in Chorillos! It was meant to be an intercambio with the sisters in San Juan, but Hma, Mendoza, my gorgeous anterior companion has a swollen eye, and so I went to Chorillos, because if Hma. Guelet went to her same old area with her same companion, I think she would have gone crazy. 

I learned a lot from Hma. Hansen and her baby Hma. Ramirez (new companion she is training, we call them daughters in the mission). Hma. Hansen is Californian and Hma. Ramirez is Colombian, so both of them have these sing song accents. They both taught me how to be a harder worker, how to be super positive even though their area is super hard and touristy. 

We ran in the morning to the beach and they both kicked my butt. Hma. Hansen's father died about a month ago, and she went home for a week to have his funeral and comfort her family. I expected her to be really sad, but she was actually really put together. 

She helped me to realize that we really can do anything if we have enough faith, and we put more of our trust in God. Of course we are going to have off days, but the important thing is that we need to keep picking ourselves up again. I love all of ya"ll, and I don"t know what is going to happen in this life, but I know that if we can all be more like Hma. Hansen, we will be okay. 

Mosiah 16:9

Have fun with your Chrimbus decorations! We still have a mountain of things to do in the house. 

Hma. Addington

I promise I will write more next week. 

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