Monday, December 8, 2014

Whelp, here ya go

This is the title I want to put in all of my Christmas presents. Well, I would, but it doesn't translate into Spanish to well. The meaning is completely lost. 

I was looking at my missionary badge this week, trying to figure out how to clean it, because the darn thing gets covered in so much dust and dirt everyday, you would think I am working in a coal mine. But anyway, it has my family's name, and then the Savior"s name, they are the most noticeable parts. 

I thought about the way I carry myself everyday as a missionary, the responsibility I have to represent my family and Christ, and if I really am doing that. 

This week, my pride was hurt a little bit because me and Hermana Guelet weren't having the best time communicating with our bishop and mission leader. And any missionary can tell you that is set up for destruction. Its like an employee not communicating with his boss. 

And when we headed off to the baptism this week, me and Hermana Guelet were feeling really bitter and frustrated. We did not shake his hand, and kinda avoided him throughout the night, although it was really hard, because he performed one of the baptisms. 

But then we read a scripture later on, D&C 104:76 That talks about humility before God. And I realized that I at that time was not worthy to wear my badge, because I was not being humble. I had complained, and not held up my part.

 After repenting and talking with our Bishop and mission leader, we all forgave each other and were able to move on. I am grateful for the Atonement in my life,. for the chance that it all gives us to become more like Christ. 

Sometimes admitting your mistake is harder than arranging an Arab Israeli peace talk, but it really it worth it when you can feel worthy to be in the Savior"s presence again.
I know that I am not perfect, non of us are, but we can all work on that. It is possible, like the scripture in Moroni

I love you all, and am grateful for your examples to me!
Keep pushing, life is going to get better. Just keep on truckin. I think that is going to be my new catchphrase, because I overuse it in every email. Whatever, I am thinking in Spanish. 

Hermana Addington

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