Thursday, January 22, 2015

Keepin It Real Cheap in Chorillos, with the Summer Blues

This week, I felt the need to go swimming, like REAL BAD. Even more than when I began the mission, because now its summer time, I am in a place right next to the ocean, and me and Hma. Ramirez see people heading off the beach like everyday when we go out proselyting. 
But, I am a missionary, I have the solemn responsibility to keep chill. And that it what I I will do. If I take a cold shower, I imagine I am in the water anyway. 
So, a little bit more about this place, so that I can paint ya"ll a picture. Its called Barranco, in the area Chorillos outside of Lima. Our area covers 1/2 touristy apartments, bars, restaurants, gyms, a vacationers paradise. The other half are actual houses and neighborhoods with families and whatnot. That is where we usually spend our time, because tourists...well.. they"re tourists.  live in the Bishop"s house,the first floor, but only use 1/2 of his kitchen and 1 room. It is amazingly small for two people, but the last missionaries were in a trio. Even worse. But, being in this room motivates me to organize more, be more like mama! The bishop and his family have their house on the third floor, but his daughters Romina and Isabella are constantly running up and down the stairs, so their gorgeous presence is almost always manifested. The bishop, Obispo Negrette, is this really tall,intimidating man, who secretly has a soft side for the missionaries. His wife, Marisol, is like this light skinned beauty who is always sharing chocolate with us.
We have a mission leader named Hma. Ricardo, this 50 or so black man (morenito), that is super intelligent and funny, and his skinny best friend Hmo.Grau is like his helper. He is really sweet and has a laugh like a cartoon character. Lets see, there is another super missionary joven named Namiko, who always is giving references, and is beautiful.
There are so many other members of this huge mission family I have, but I only have time to share a few right now. I hope ya"ll can imagine that, when I send pictures these names will make more sense. 
We only have 1 with a baptismal date right now. named Roberto, but he is the best. The other day, two missionaries knocked on his door and he received them, cuz he"s an investigator and didn't know the thing about zone rules and whatnot. We told them that he technically belongs to our ward, so it wasn't necessary to receive lessons from them. And then he said, "But they could be lost, because they are immigrants."Ahh, I wanted to die laughing. 
I found out that Jesus Machacha just went to the temple with my old companion. This made me happier than anything, just to know that they are helping the converts to stay strong and progress. 
That is why everyone needs to work hard to be able to attend the temple, and receive the blessings that God has promised you! It pays off, trust me! 
My dad"s birthday is this week, and I just wanted to wish him a happy birthday early, because I love him more than all of you! 
Nah, I just won"t have the chance Thursday
Happy birthday Dad! I love you, and hope that your day will be free of stress and expense, and full of good food and time to sleep! 
With big fat love, 
Hermana Addington
Mosiah 2:41, 2 Nephi 33: 3, 4, 7

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