Monday, January 5, 2015

Land Lover

Ahh, mi companera is too funny, she told me, [I cannot believe you have so much patience at the computer! I feel like I am going to die everytime I start typing my family. 

I just began to pet her back and sing soothing songs. Its always that way with the new missionaries in the field. You have to do this huge transition from your home life to mission life, and never feel like there is time for anything. But after a while, you get used to it. Or maybe that is just me, and my naturallt Winnie the Pooh like slowness. Hey, I blame it on both my mama and pop. 

I really am super happy to be training, although it is one of the most challenging things I have ever done in the mission thus far. You have so many goals and standards to set so that your kid can follow, and if you mess up, you have to explain that you are human.

 But President Douglas gave me a really great piece of advice this week, something that NONE of ya"ll have ever told me in your lives: I need to do more, and speak less. Original, right? But it is very true, because actions are so much more of an example than words. A great quote he gave me was: Ï cannot hear what you are saying because your actions are so loud. 

Most of the time, I take action to teach, to find investigators, to memorize, but I spend a whole lot of time before thinking and questioning about how and where and when to do it. 

I am not saying it is bad to be informed and detailed, because that is extremely important, but there are many times when i could be following the spirit more. That is the thing I want to teach Hma. Ramirez more than aything: how to trust God, and then yourself. That applies to everyone
Today, begin your day not thinking in solving problems with only your limited capacities, but in what God will help you do. I know that all of ya"ll can accomplish your new goals and aspirations, if you think and more importantly, act this way. 

I love ya"ll so much, and I know that you are going to have a great week!
Hma. Addington

P.S. My companera has the cutest accent ever: Un momentico, potico aji, por favor! lol look up a vidoe of a Colombian accent in youtube if you wanna hear what I am talking about.
1Nephi 3:7, Mosiah 3:1, 5 Dand C 88:82, 83, 88

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