Monday, April 13, 2015

Email from March 9 (sorry I waited so long to post this!)

I hope you are all guarding these precious emails, because I have to eliminate them everytime I go to another internet place. I have not written an actual significant email to everyone for a long time, and now I am taking the chance before I get kicked off! 
Well, this week we had the privelege of seeing our rescues Vania and Luis Alberto in the temple to do their baptisms for the dead, and while there I also caught up with The Ruesta family from Villa El Salvador! It really was a great day, bacause I didn[t think I was going to be able to see them in the temple before I ended my misison. That is just one silver lining to still being in Lima. They all looked so happy, especially Luis Alberto.He is a 2 year convert who really has gotten over so many obstacles. He is blind, was robbed a little while back, and became less active. But now, he has a new career, just did his baptisms for the dead and is taking out his endowments tomorrow! Also the Ruesta Family are working on being sealed next month. I never really realized the magnitude of the temple until I came out ona misison. It really needs to be the center of everyone[s lives, because without it, we would never be able to advance and have an eternal family. I really feel like although I have been away from my immediate family for this past year, I have also extended my family with all of these crazy Peruvians. 
Also this week, we set a baptismal date with Ana, an investigator we have been working with for 3 months. She has come a long way to decide to be baptized as well, and now all we have to do is plan a baptism to her level of spirituality.(She is super prepared and awesome.) 
Other than that, we just have to continue working our butts (can I say butts in an email home? never done it before, weird), off to find new investigators, less actives, and recent converts that have strayed from the ´path. It was hard this week with moving,going to the temple, and travelling to a bunch of meetings, but we gotza get some stuff done now. I know it just takes a little bit more will power and elbow grease, like Dad always says. 
I complete my year in 3 days, and I have been thinking alot about if that is reflected in my work or not. The mission is like hiking the grand canyon. In one way, I can say I have progrossed so much, and in another way, I still have so far to go. I think that is going to be the rest of my life! lol But I find confidence knowing that myfamily and friends are doing well in their work and church lives, are learning everyday how to push through trials like me. Really, I love being out here, and I hope everyone I love can be blessed for my service. I hope that Grandpa Clayton can feel better with his leg, and Meg can figure out a college plan, and Amy, Mama And Dad can be happy in their work. And also Abby can be happy in her classes and sports, and Sean with her college, work and wedding plans. I just hope everyone can be happy doing what they are doing, because I am so proud of all of you. 
I just wanted to close this letter saying that if anyone is needing to talk or vent or whatever, I am here. Read Ether 12, Alma 37, and Romans 8 if you need a pick me up. 
I love everybody, and hope this week is filled with good food, 
Shmermana Addington

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