Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Power of the Book of Mormon (May 18th)

Dear loved ones, 
(Blegh what was that about?) 
Although I did not receive not one correspondence from ya"ll this week, I will assume that a crazy robot wiped your memories last night and caused you to forget. And I will forgive you only on that condition. 
Anyway, bygones be bygones, this week was really great. Hmo. Agusto was able to be baptized with another family the elders were teaching, and as you can see in the pics, it was a pretty happy occasion. Looking at him, Agusto seems like a very timid person, but he has a testimony of the Book of Mormon like you would not believe. Everytime we began a lesson, he shared a scripture he has learned that day, and how he wanted to apply it to his life. When he gave his testimony afterward, holding his BOM in his hands, he was almost at the point of tears, sharing about his repentance, his willingness to make more sacred covenants with the Lord in the temple, (the best part), and how he is going to use the book of Mormon everyday to overcome the tempations waiting for him. It was literally like listening to a person being born again.Theres this scripture in Alma that says we were preordained with specific talents and responsibilities, and that its our job to develop them while here on Earth. I know Agusto is here for that. The next day, me and Hma. Tuquerres came to the chapel 30 mins early, and found Agusto setting up all the chairs in the sacrament room. He was dressed in all white, just ready to try on his new white shirt and tie the Elders Quorum brought him. 
In the last general conference, someone gave a talk about Shiblon like service, the type of service not motivated by titles or rewards, but pure love for the people you serve. Agusto right there was Shiblon. But it made me think if we are all willing to serve one another in that way. Honestly before my mission, I wasnt that aware of what other help was needed, so I didnt always offer it as freely and willingly. But now I have the firm determination to better that. 
I know we can find more people like Agusto here, who are willing to really put their time aside in order to act and learn by the spirit and faith. It isnt going to be easy, because after every baptism its literally like starting from Zero, new investigators, new baptismal dates, new everything. But I know that God only gave us this trial so that we can learn from it. 
Time is flying so amazing fast here. This last week President Douglas gave his last training with us. He taught lke normal, but when it came time for him to give his testimony, we were all crying, (even the so called tough elders.) He told us despite everything, he just wanted us to remember his as a president who taught doctrine of Christ. It seems like something normal, teaching doctrine, every president does it. But he taught me more than anything how to apply it. How to open my mouth and not have fear, how to really be a representative of Jesus Christ. In order to do that, we have to live like Christ lived.Alway serving, always telling the truth, always being faithful to his followers and his Father. President Douglas really has been that person. For all of yall who have served missions, you get me. (alls i can say about that.) 
I really hope that everyone is doing okay this week, with all your jobs and studies and whatnot. Grandma Judy, tell me the names of my ancestors please so I can put their names in my Fam History book! 
Also, Ames, I know the schedule doesnt get done until June, but I really want to take a piano class and a swing dance class. If theres no room, you could do either or. I think I really want the dance class first though. Girls just wanna dance. 
Also, I am not accusing you of not doing it yet, but I really hope yall put mony in my account so I can buy soiuvenirs today. If not its cool, it would just be better to get this done sooner than later. Theres nothing worse than going through a Peruvian store trying to buy stuff at the last second. All the vendors look at you weird. 
Okay, I love everybody! 
Chaio! Read Moroni 7 and Alma 13, and you will be glad you did! 
From down under Peru, 
Hermana Addington

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