Monday, September 7, 2015

A Peruvian Slave Castle (Aug 24)

This week has been very...como podria decir....death related. Yall already saw the amazing pics inside the castle. That whole place was like stepping back in Peruvian slave time. Hearing all the stories about the way people lived there made me think alot about fmaily history. And then, later on that day, our beloved Elders Quorum President, President Temple( kid yall not, his name is Temple, and he is Peruvian irish), died alone in his house. He was a carpenter, and had 7 cats, so h died right next to his wood machine, with all his cats making noise. But hardly anyone knew about it until Wdnesday. He lived right in front of us, and we didnt even notice because we were always walking somewhere else.
Coming back from lunch on Wednesday, we see everyone standing outside talking about Hmo.Temple. He had a heart attack, and was first noticed by his daughters, who has just come in from Lima to visit him that Tuesday. It was terribly sad, that it was they first sight of their father in days. But the comfort I remember having this whole week, is knowing that 1. His daughters are members, although less active. 2.we have the plan of salvation. 3. Pres. Temple worked until the very last second, until he had visited everyone in his quorum, done his family history in the temple, and baptized a recent convert. He just had this ron swanson like work ethic that was contaigous. He motivated me to give my all, and not regret the things of the past. His favorite quotes were"Hazlo" Just do it! And also, " Dios le quiere, entonces trabaja! God loves you, so get to work!
Thank you so much to everyone for working, showing your love, and remember that God only cares about where you are, and what you are going to become!
Love, Hermana Addington

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