Monday, May 12, 2014

FELIZ CUMPLEANOS! Meg's birthday - April 21, 1997!

Happy Birthday! (Guppy's voice) I know this letter's 2 days late, but love you so much, and I know that you felt me hugging you and caressing your face in your sleep. (That came out sounding waay creepier than it sounded in my head.) I love that you've grown into a mature woman with many tight skills. I also love that you cn still make me laugh harder than anyone else. Harder than Amy can somtimes. That April fools joke you played on Dad made me laugh so hard I almost peed right in the seat of my pantalones.(spanish word for pants) Everytime I hear my companera Hermana River sing, I think of you, and how ya'll need to meet and harmonize someday. Its her dream to sing in the Tab. Choir too. This will happen if I have anything to do with it. 
I know we're far away, but just remember what Andy said. "April, when you look at the moon at night, its actually  the same moon for the same world in London." He's a real charmer. I need a man like him. But right now my boyfriend is Peru. And you, are my girlfriend, girlriend. 
I love you so much, and will send you a package soon. Son being like a month from now. It'll happen! 
Stay sweet, watch Parks and Rec, and eat some salad for me. There's like no salad here. I feel like Chriss Traiger. 
I love you!!!!

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