Monday, May 12, 2014


I got to my first area yeasterday, called Chincha! It's the place where the wonderful Chicharone got its name. And let me tell you what, I feel like a huge giant Cheerio amongst these tiny coco puffs. Everyone here is so small. When I met my first companera Hermana Rivera yesterday, we hugged with her hands around my waist and mine around her head. But she's great I love her so much. This is her last transfer, and she's gotta finish out strong, so I have my work cut out for me already. She sings even more than Meg does, which is kinda amazing, but her voice is so pretty.It would be sad if she was always singing off key.
It was really hard to say goodbye to all the people in the CCM, like Davis and Purse and Hunsaker, Hunt and Arroyo, but I know that we're all leaving each other for a good reason. I think once we're all in our areas we feel more at home anyway. Like we're finally becoming missionaries and not just pretending to be missionaries. The last day of class I had to teach about the law of chastity, and it was one of the most awkward things I've ever done. How I'm going to explain the need to keep abstinence in your heart when I've only grazed lips with a boy is beyond me. But it'll happen. Everything else is easy to talk about, like the  Great Apostacy and First Vision. I recited that to a taxi driver last night, a man named Lion.(He was totally bald, no mane.)
Hermana Rivera is really great about encouraging me to talk to everyone. Which shouldn't be that hard to do, since at home I hear everyone tell me to be quiet anyway. She always says "Lo maximo, esto es lo maximo!" This is the best! You're the best. I think I've hear people say the word maximo at least 50 times today. That's alot better than mejor. I think its the "h" sound that gets me.
Honestly I just think my biggest goal for right now is to just get through things. Get through a sentence, a lesson, a meal without asking to go to the bathroom 3 times. The food is really good, just too carbalicious. Like that Jim Gaffagan joke about the Domino's pizza bread bowl. I just need to search the entire city of Chincha to find one salad.
Meg's birthday was 2 days ago, and I'm so sad I couldn't have been there. Ya'll probably made two cakes, one covered in chocolate from Mama and one with almonds and coconut for Dad. Then ya'll probably sang a mixed version of the Elephant song, and Mama plugged her ears because she hates that song! lol I'm definitely sending her a present sometime, right after I find a post oficina, stamps, a box, and an actual present for her. But its gonna happen! I have mucho fe in myself.
Since I didn't see any new emails from ya'l today I'll just have to assume that everything is peachy. But I'm sweating along just fine, and want to hear from everybody really soon!
With love and carbs,
Hannah Banana

This is my first companera, Hermana Rivera. I love her like Peruvians love cats. They really love cats here. 

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