Sunday, June 1, 2014

I Think I Am Finally Legally Blonde

I hope with all my heart all of you are reading my letters aloud with British Voices, seeing as I cannot use actual stinking combo words like I"m because the dumb Spanish language does not combine words. JK I love Spanish it is so PHHRECious to me. But seriously.,come on. 
I know all the weeks of my mission are going to be crazy because I am trying to do the job of Alma and Amulek This week was especially crazy becuase right after our PDay we got invited to a funeral for  Bishop"s father. Spirits were low, sining was super off key (as usual), and the food was really ghood. Kinda likle a Ron Swanson party. Then Tuesday I had an intercambio with the feirce and goregous Her. Zarate in Grosio Prado. Their apartment is actually really good despite having no water, and I had alot of fun looking at all of the coutryish things in Chincha. Our side of Chincha, Pueblo Neuvo has a party going on like every single night with off key music and weird smells. But Grosio Prado is silent except for the many dogs. But Her. Zarate loves dogs so much, I think even more than Abby. Seriously, she names all of them and feed them bread. Every one of them, Happy, Jorge, Juevo, have a special guarding job for her and her companion Hermana Alonso. I would love to have that except I think the only dog that actually likes me here is Hermana Patty"s Max. He looks just like Doug except pretty sad. Abby would love to meet him though. I bet they would exchange pleasantries. Also Tigre, the kitten outside our apartment would be a cood companion for her. He is kinds like our guard kitten, I guess. On Wednesday and Thursday me and Rivera went to Lima for my ID, and now I am a real Peruanna! Cept I actually smile in my pictures, and no other real person in Peru does. They are all sincerely happy, but are trying to look real sophistocated. Like Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston. When we had a B Day party to celebrate Dara turning 15, we all took picutres, and every single one of those kids did a funky reserved smile. It is hilarious. But now back to my adventure in Lima! I got to spend the whole day with Wilks and Paramore cuz they gotzta be legal too, and we had fun waiting in line, being repramanded by officials for our lack of fluent Spanish, and chatting like old pals. We really are actually growing into missionaries even if we don"t think it, with Paramore in Ica, me  in Chincha, and Wilks in Chorrillos. It was a relief to explain stories and concerns in English because we really are all experiencing the same homesickness, lack of fiber, and confusing language barriers. And, we all three met a family that spoke English to us! Thay are from the U.S. but the mama was born in Guatemala and they decided to more to Arequipa, Peru. Not in our mission. That was kinda a bummer, but still they are great, and will hear the gospel from other missionaries there. After we all left together, me, Paramore, and Wilks were thinking about how we could have worked with them in our own languages, but also, I still don"t think it would have been perfect. If we all were meant to be serving in the U.S. or England or Canada or wherever they are gringos, that would be our mission call, but it really is not. That was also the theme of my talk in church this week. I am totally sure I butuchered my messagewith baby grammar, but I still felt pretty confident in myself. 
And now to the investigators! next week. sorry I am a horrible missionary for not talking about them, but we have a baptism this weekend with Dara and Fabiana! more news on it next week. 
I love all of ya"ll soo much!
 sweaty Hermana Addington

 I think this picture is explanatory.

This was the time I had the BEST sleep ever in Lima, Peru. 

With love and sweats, 
Hermana Addington

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