Monday, August 11, 2014

Baby Shower Bonanza

So this week passed by quicker than Mama can rearrange a house.( Shoutout to my mama.) We hald a bab shower for one of our investigators Juana, her fiance Diego and their mother Emma and their daughter Camilla. In the U.S. baby showers are like a time for women to just eat sweet treats, talk about their husbands and share cute little clothes. In Peru however, pretty much everybody and their dog attends.  (Literally there was a dog there named Lucas.) We bagan with a prayer, ate cake and catapulcra( basically Peruvian sphagetti), and yucca, the best thing ever. And we danced the night away, or at least me and Mendoza watched everyone dance until 9, when we had to leave, because yeah we are missionaries. I was super stressfull because I have no idea how to plan a baby shower, but it ended up being a really good experience for Juana anad Diego and Emma. And Camilla, their daughter, had alot of cake. Now they are all at home i the ward, which is how we want them to feel. They really are like our family now, and we have changes in 2 weeks! At least I am going to get top see Emma get baptized and maybe get a glance of Juana"s baby. 
O am super proud of all the progress that my whole family and group of friends are making. Keep remembering to read your scriptures and enjoy your time at home. And have fun! Life is way too short. A package is coming your way this week. 
Hermana Addington

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