Monday, August 11, 2014

Setting Chinca on Fire: Missionary style

 First off, this email will not have photos because this internet pace is a little old, and I do not want a virus in my memory. So, just imagine these things in your minds until next week!
We have been setting Chincha on fire this week, WITH CHANGES! No but really, it was time for a change in this √°rea. I have already been here for 3 months, and really we needed to be receiving more references, have more lessons, and find more new people. So, first we had an activity with all the relief society proeslyting in the main park, iwth plaques and everything. At first they had the same looks on their faces that I had the first time we cntacted in Lima Norte, my ol CCM days. But eventually they learned how to be relaxed and share their phamplets. They are alot more willing to be present in the lessons now, just because its easier than street contacting! Still we need to train a couple of them to share less, because one hermana spread the Word to a couple that we as members are condemned if we use Facebook, and that he could receie the priesthood and bless people in the street.  lol  Then we had alot of less actives proselyting with us too, sharing their testimonies and whatnot. One part of a lesson went a little risky when one member started interlacing the law of chastity with the Word of Wisdom,sharing his experiences in rehab, (I told her, "Hermana, you said that you husband has not had a drink for 20 years, but did you know that he is cheating on you?") But eventually me and Mendoza pulled the reigns back in. That is one thing I have learned now, how to be more direct and motivating, and how to control time.
And we had 2 services helping Ignacio build his house! We lifted about 50 bags of cement in the Street, and then filled a foundation. And it was great to get attention from the people in the Street, especially those thinking me and Mendoza were training for the navy, because we were the only sisters among 20 elders.
Teaching Ignacio has been really interesting. Because he cannot really speak full words or hear well, we have been using all the photos and phamphlets we can find to explain stuff. Today we are teaching tithing, heaven help us. But he really is Smart, and remembers things really well. We just need to learn a few different signs together because he was not taught sign language officially. But it really is fun. Hma. Mendoza studied acting before so she can explain things a little more easily, but I am gonna learn! The gift o" signs, people, it is real.
Also we have been preparing Juana, Emma and Diego for their baptisma and marraige. Juana is also going to have a joint baby shower with the Bishop"s wife. The theme is " We threw this together becaues we are still 20 something misioneras and do not know all adult things yet." But it will be great, I am excited.
¡Chao! Hermana Addington

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