Friday, November 21, 2014


I have come across alot of emails from my family, friends, and other youngins that ask me why I decided to serve a mission. I really cannot describe it all at once, but I will begin to share what I learned. Alot of people have fear about serving, knowing if they have the guts to do it, or if they should stay in college or in their jobsand continue on until they feel ready. 

Everyone has different lives, different situations that they are dealing with, and have to take in account if they really could serve missions or not. But for me the decision to serve came from a mountain of experiences. I reas Mosiah 28;3, 1 cor. 13:11&12, and Alma 26.I went out and taught with the sister missionaries. I prayed every single day for an answer, I heard testionies in church. I read my patriarchal blessing, and I looked for ways I could serve. and then I realized that I had already made my decision, my want to help other people had exceeded my fear of not knowin the language, or finding my way around, or having a different companion every 3 or 4 months.   
The mission really is something that helps you grow, because you learn to become like the Savior, constantly putting others before yourself. But you do not have to have a badge to say you are a missionary. Christ never had a badge, but he had a heart, and soul. We do things every day in his name, and hope that other people will follow. 
Now is the time to do difficult and hard things. Now is the time to try to plan on things we never even thought we could handle before.You do hard things, you are a strong person, serving a mission or not. 
Sorry, do not have more time to be funnier, I have to leave, but I hope somebody reads this and likes it!
Hermana Addington

Btdubs, I am moving in with Hma. Guelet in Argentina after my mission, because she is a cooking muse. I am also going to personally make the pics of Elba, Stephanie (the one who won"t smile) and Fernanda (smallest one) my future screensavers. Geez, they are so cute and hyper. Fernanda"s shirt says "Soy soltera, y hago lo que quiero." (I am single, and I do what I want.) 
The cow I drew is a dancing fool. 

Do ya"ll remember that song that Marachi had to learn in Milam for the magnet show, De Colores? Good song. Me and Hma. Guelet did service this week, aka helping a mama distracting her kids with colors so that she could take a long deserved nap. I felt pretty sweaty, but I did a good deed. And drew a good cow, if I say so for myself. 

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