Monday, November 10, 2014


This is going to be a very short letter, because the man in this internet place does not like me and Hma. Guelet. Grr..Ernesto.
But anyway, I hope everyone has had an amazing week , what with Halloween ending and getting ready for Thanksgiving. I have had alot of fun visiting the temple, with my fellow colleagues, we actually had a session of our own. And we are preparing 2 people to be baptized in December! One, named Jesus, might be more prepared than the other, named Junior. I think its just his name, and the fact that he knows President Morocho. He really is super funny and direct. He told us that he would do everything possible to be baptized, even bear his testimony in the crazy sacramant meeting, and kiss the head of every irreverent baby there.
And I received my package from ya"ll! POR FIN! Thank you for all the goodies, letters, and the love. My package should be on its way soon, I promise.
I read a super good talk by Elder Holland in the Liahona about mental disorders, and it really halped on of my less actives. Its called Like a Broken Glass. Also, read Moises chap. 1 for inspiration this week, cuz its really good. Also, Mosiah 24.
Thats all I got, here comes Ernesto. I will scribe more next week i PROMISE! i LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YA"ll, and your beautiful faces!
Hma. Addington
P.S. I almost dies reading that political joke Amy. Fresh tears running down my face And also thank you for reminding me of the Ted and Eric video. Hot dogs. >

Dangit, I forgot that Elder Wright escaped in that picture of me and Hma. Guelet in front of the temple. Whatever, I will crop him out eventually. Th other one is the lovely Hma. Cortez and Mendoza (my last compie) who are both finishing their missions like, soon. I told Hma. Cortez to head to Bruges, because she goes to BYU and has NOT had their goodness yet. It is a crime, a good ol pregunta #4 on the baptismal interview sheet, if ya"ll RMs out there know what Im talkin bout! Jeez I need to go get some fresh air.

A few pics of me outside the white house,( haha fooled you, its the temple, which is soo much better!) , where I found my lovely Hma. Byrd from the CCM, serving in Lima Central right now! Its the 2nd smallest mission, next to temple square. But the appetites of the missionaries there are HUGE. Seriously, they ate like 4 plates of good ol rice in the temple cafeteria. And just me and my zone, a bunch of little boys. My favorite is Elder Cayetano, the lil missionary talking (cannot miss him). Elder Couch, (Californian blonde), looks strangely like Dad. Its weird. And the rest are just lil boys. But they are so pure. Bless their hearts.

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