Monday, February 23, 2015

Pila a Pila

I almost forgot what had happened this week. And then I saw the pics we took, and remembered. Geez, I am loosing my MOJO. 
This week was really overwhelming, but one of my favorite in the mission. First, we brought Allen, an amazing convert to the temple to do his baptisms, then we had another baptism with Robert! Two things we did not think were going to happen for a long time, actually happened! 
Allen was baptized in January last year, but still had not gone to the temple for all his traveling. But after working with him and Hma. Elena, our amazing family history lady, and the sister missionaries, he baptized for 5 of his great grandparents. And then from the baptismal font in the chapel to the baptismal font in the temple. What a journey.

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