Monday, April 13, 2015

Gen Conf, Peace Corps, Faith, Expensive Mall! April 13th

This is the communication between me and President Douglas every week. For all of you gringos,he is mostly talking about the need we have to be better and become more consecrated as missionaries. I have been trying to do that this week, putting to practice all I learned from Conference, which was AMAZING. We were able to receive inspired messages from a living prophet, apostles, and church leaders. As a little kid, I took that a little for granted, and didnt share with others. I also think I had a little fault of faith and confidence in my own testimony. But now I know that we have a duty as members, disciples of Christ, to share EVERDAY what we know, with as many people as we can find. 
Me and Hma. Nielsen were eating in Burrito Bar this week, (kinda like a Peruvian FreeBirds or Cafe Rio), and this American Peace corps group walks in. One of them, this 25 yr old chick from The Bronx, starts asking us who we are and what were doing here in Peru. And we start having a gospel conversation in full English, something I havent actually done in a year. She was really nice, but seemed like there was still something missiong in her life. She told me she never wanted to have kids, just continue travelling for the rest of her life with her friends. But I know that if she really does want something more, she"ll find it in the church. We passed her a Becauseof Him card and invited her to just see it and investigate a little bit. 
It was one of the most itersting and natural contacts I have ever had. Its different here, not just with the language but with the people, the culture as well. I have learned to approach people here in a way that usually wouldnt happen in the U.S. Peruvians really are very believing, and for that I am grateful to serve in this country. I am also greateful for the example every single one of you set everyday. Keep sticking up for your values, and dont be afraid to share your testimonies! You have it in you. Read Alma 9 and Mormon 9 today, its really interesting. 
Plus, I need to know Mom and Dad"s bishop"s name, their ward name, the stake, and name if the airport where I am going to be picked up! I think Thats all the information needed for the mission form. If you can get that to me as soon as possible, we can arrange sooner.  I love yall! Have a great week! 
Hermana Addington
P. S. Brittans baby is ADORABLE with a capital UH 

This week we have seen a few canges in our area, and in our teaching. We have been visiting more of our recent converts and rescues from the last 24 meses, and also helping more less actives attend church. We have also been meeting more with our ward mission leader and making plans for the temple dedication in Trujillo, speaking more with the ward leaders personally and not just in ward council. We have an amazing new investigator that has already attended seminary for 2 months! She"s 16, but really prepared, and once we meet her mother we will hopefully be able to teach her whole family. Also, Jesus fell through in his baptismal date for fault of time to have lessons, but we are going to chat with him this week to see his real intent. We are really working to leave a really good impression on this ward, helping real progress happen. I think it is going to come, maybe not in the time we hope, but it will come. 
I hope you have a great week with Sister Douglas!Misioneros de Lima Sur, necestimos ACCIÓN. Hermana Douglas y yo les amamos. Estamos tan agradecidos por pertencer a la Iglesia de Jesucristo, la única verdadera en la tierra. Nuestras acciones nos salvarán o nos condenarán. Sabemos que Dios es Dios, las normas son las normas, nuestro tiempo para ser misioneros es fijo, la Expiación es todo, Dios es perdonador, No hay otro camino, somos llamados a servir juntos, este es nuestro momento desde la fundación del mundo para rendir cuentas, no hay excusas aceptables, desunion en un compañerismo no es una excusa por no cumplir y es pecado, y que Él vive!!!!!!!!!!

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