Monday, April 13, 2015

April 6 "Do YOU Know the Dance?" and "Beach Bummin"

This week was amazing for 3 reasons 1) We got to go to the beach again 2) We got a surprise visit from our Very Own Bott and Hma, Villena and 3) CONFERENCE
The beach actually was pretty short. We only went there to take a few pictures and buy a popsicle. But we did get to relax a little and see the beauty of nature here in Lima. Plus, I found a dead crab and we collected seashells, so the more trinkets I find for free the better! Hma. Nielsen is obsessed with buying touristy things, but its fun toi see all the things people make here. I just have to be reallu prudent and not get loured away by these natives,. because sometimes they will hit on you and its really creepy. The next thing was a surprise visit from Hma. Bott and Villena. Since our house is a hostel for missionaries all over the south, we got to see them both coming from Ica for Concilio (I think it means council in English. I dont remember anymore.) But it was great. Bott tried to refill our water box but didnt know how to do it, and ended up spilling that precious stuff all over our kitchen. We just had to take a pic, like parents who just marvel over their kids accidents. She has not changed a bit, still loveable and humble as always. And Hma., Villena is always telling jokes and teaching us slang from Ecuador. Then of course, the pinnacle of all wonder, the 185th General Conference. Hma. Nielsen said, "Is it still the 185th? I feel like they said that 2 years ago!" Nonetheless, it really was the thing I had been waiting for. All my favorites were there, Eyring, Holland, Packer, along with a few speaking in duh, dededum...SPANISH! We arrived thinking to hear the whole translated version, but then they set aside a room specially for us gringos to hear in English, and I was forever grateful. Its just their voices, especially the prophet and Holland. 
One of my favorites was also by El Brent (insert lastname) who compared the gospel to a dance, and the Holy Ghost to the music. I loved thinking about how the spirit really does play a key role in everything we do as misisonaries, and how we learn for the rest of our lives. If we dont live worthy for the spirit everyday, we wont be able to carry out the plan God made for us. 
Also, 3 new temple are being built! In Haiti, Thailand, and the ivory Coast! It really is amazing to hear that news, seeing as we are also preparing here in Peru to see the temple in Trujillo get dedicated  in June! We wont be able to attend, but we will watch in stake centers all over the mission. 
God is rolling forth his work today, and I know he expects alot of us. I hope everyone could take a chance to reflect on what they learnedand how they are going to be better after this conference, because I know I have a million changes to make. But I am excited to do it, be better. 
I am also super excited for my sister Meg going to BYUI Idaho with me! Also Dan Dan the party man  gettingMARRIED! As well as mama and dad with their new jobs and callings, Amy with her DC city life and Abby with all her cool running competitions. Hma. Nielsen is a runner (and I am forcing myself to learn), and she is suiper impressed by you, Abbs. 
I just wanted to close saying I love everyone, and hope they all have an amazing and super productive week. And never stop learning! Alma 37, Jacob 4:4 and Romans 8 are some really good atonement and learning scriptures
Also, I need to get so info from yall for the last 6 month mark in the mission. (super sad!) 
I only have it in Spanish, but maybe Dad can translate, and then send the answers next week! Thanks a ton, Dad! You are the closest latino i got at home. 
I love you all! 

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