Monday, April 13, 2015

March 24 email "Mi CHAMBA"

Thank you Sister Addington, continue to submit daily to the trials and lessons the Lord places in your path with faith and courage. Set goals and be consegrated to them through your faith and works. You will find daily power and joy. We love you!!
My amazing mission president constantly trying to draw good works out of me. 
This week we met a Seventy and his wife, Elder and Sister Waddell, and they gave us a super amazing seminar on everything mission stuff. They are Californian, but served missions in Spain and lived in Ecuador and Venezuela, so their accents are super interestingly funny. They gave a mountain of jokes like, "Our objective is to find eternal families! Elder Wadell said that you can"t contact singles, they don"t love God!" lol
Then we finished off this transfer with Stake conference in Chorillos. The night before Hma. Ramirez got her transfer call to Ayaucho, and the next day was spent taking a bajillion photos outside of the stake center with everyone. It really was a whirlwind of a time. We had a mountain of people trying to fit into a small chapel, (small for Lima), and all the missionaries stood for 2 hours, in the heat. The upside? Hma. Ramirez could say goodbye to everyone right there, and then headed off to Ayacucho at 7 at night. Meanwhile we saw 7 missionaries having their last interviews before going home. One assistant, "Es un velorio Hmas, puede oler los cuerpos muertos?" Its a funeral, can you smell all the dead bodies? That joke was the icing on the cake. But it really was interesting ot hear and see these missionaries in their last few full time hours. Some crying, some laughing, giving advice. It really is something that you can nevr do over again, the mission. I have the goal to make this last 6 months, 4 transfers, the most amazing ever. And I don"t just say that because I have an American companion now. At first when I heard Hma. Nielsen was coming from Ayacucho to be my companion, I kinda freaked out. I am not used to this type of culture, American! But after a day, I am a little more chill. That"s how Hma. Nielsen is, chill. She is from Nevada, has a HUGE family, (6 brothers and sisters), and does sports like for a living. She goes home in June, and is probably going o finish here in Chorillos. But I have a feeling we are going to have alot of last minute success together. I dunno, President really is inspired when he makes these transfers. You don"t realize how much your companion has helped you out until you actually have them as your companion anymore. Elder Wadell said, "We live , eat, sleep and breather to create eternal families. That is our job as people, children of our heavenly father. In the future you will pick your companion. In the mission, your companion is assigned to you. Sorry, that"s just how life works. Living with them is like the practice of living with your future spouse, just of a different gender." lol "Play nice until you can pick your future companion." 
I hope that everyone has a good week, is full of good spirits and good food, and keeps doing good works. 
I love you all, and just heard that Dan got ENGAGED! Felicitactiones Dan Man! I knew you could do it! 
With much love,  Peruvian sweat, and typing errors,
Hermana Addington
P.S. Amy sorry I will give you my I number in the next email. I need to go look it up at the house. I am still trying to figure out when I would start my semester, but living with Meg would be fun! 

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