Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cristo Blanco (April 27th)

Dear President,

This week has been a little bit better than the last. We ended up contacting a really good receptive number of people, found a less active family, and also started teaching an inv. family hwo had recent been through a few trials. Also, an investigator with a son serving a mission contacted us in the street the other day, and we have started teaching her. I am learning to be more patient and calm, and really make sure that our teaching is effective enough to bring the spirit. I have confidence that we are going to see results this week. There is still so much to make better, but little by little, this area is improving. Have a great week, and let me know how to better our ward!
This lette is going to be really spotty and random, sorry in advance. I just have alot of important things to cover right now. 

This week has been an interesting one. I have learned I think in part to be more patient, as life in the mission is usually unexpectedly good and bad. 
As you can read in my letter to Pres. Douglas, we really have been striving to find new families. We have set up alot of appointments, and now we just fault the actual teaching and doctrine that will help them to progress. But I have faith that our work in this last week is going to change. It is going to be better, because I trust God knows what he is doing here, and our potential as a companionship. Also, Pres. and Hma Douglas are preparing to finish their misisons as well, after 3 years in Peru, they are heading back to their native Utah.It really was a great experience getting to know them, and seeing their influence in the mission, and most importantly, the missionaries themselves.
I am totally fine with La Jolla, it was a good place to live in before, and it really is a good price. Really, I am not completely sure about my fall semester classes yet, I think I will just need to talk with ya"ll in Ma. Which is going to be Mothers Day! I can"t believe it came so fast. I cant believe the mission is going by so fast. I have to take advantage of every minute while I am still here. I am trying my best to not lose focus and work hard as I can. 
I love everyone and promise my next email will be filled with better happenings! 
Hermana Addington

This is our convert Rocio and her two littlest kids, Luis( bigger) asnd Raphael (baby) I love them both so much! 

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