Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Miracles happen when you decide that you are not that smart and need God"s help (May 25th)

Dear President, 
Thank you for your constant prayers for all the missionaries in the mission. I can say with confidence that this week they have been answered, at least for one experience that me and Hma. Tuquerres had. I was feeling that we needed to make a change in our area, and after the zone meeting, we were feeling really anxious to improve in our finding efforts. But for the first few days, it seemed nothing was really sticking with the people we taught. Then we decided to fast and consecrate our efforts. Then, one night where all our appointments fell through, we decided to pray. Pray for a new solution, pray to find a family that was waiting for us. After the prayer,I still wasnt sure where to go, but we thought to visit an old investigator. Right next door, we found a golden investigator. Her name is Luz( symbol), she"s married with one son, and understands the doctrine perfectly. She and her sister Marley, who also knows the doctrine perfectly as well, both came to church this Sunday, and Luz accepted to be baptized but not with a date yet. I am so grateful for this amazing blessing, knowing that the only way to obtain the rocio del cielo is trough the spirit. I am so willing to follow every impression I have from now on. I know we have to continue working, but this experience really has strengthened my testimony of the Savior and hope. 

"Thank you for sharing your expierience of faith on Saturday night. I pray for families for you to teach and resuce in Nazca. We love you!"

I have decided to begin all my letters with something I wrote to President, so that ya"ll can all see my efforts in the mission and not just think I am over here petting llamas and eating chupettes. (Peruvian popsicles) And also sometimes I just don"t know how to begin a super good and memorable letter.
Weas you have read, me and Hma. Tuquerrez had a miracle this week finding Luz and her sister Marley. They really are golden investigators. All of these little things that we had learned this week about contacting, teaching better, being more consecrated, following the spirit just clicked. We were so happy after that first lesson we had with them both that we sent a text to Pres. Douglas that night, thanking him for all his constant suppot. He sent us back another saying he was impressed we follow the spirit. Never had I had an experience in the mission I thought worthy enough to send to Pres. Douglas in a message. But this really was amazing.
In other way this week has also been really great. because Agusto RECEIVED THE PREISTHOOD. That man is gonna be a member of the seventy if I have anything to do about it. It really has been great seeing his change though. Sunday he came to church with all the chairs set up, a haircut, his new white shirt, lcutching his book of mormon. I wanted to cry, because he really is getting better everyday. Before we had found new inv. this week, he was kinda like our little burst of adrenaline, someone we could see when our spirits were a little down. But now, no more! But seriously, this week I have learned a good lesson. You can"t get water out of an empty bottle. "No puede sacar auga de un bottella basilla."
In order to keep constantly baptizing, we have to constantly find new investigators, and in order to teach better, we have to constantly study. Its all a pettern we have to follow in life.
This is something I have to constantly keep in mind, both in and out of the mission. God wants us to be more like stairs, and less like elevators. Instead of having an inconstant success, he wants us to be continually improving. There is no such thing as stagnant.
Speaking of things not being stagnant, I heard SEAN GOT MARRIED ALREADY! THATS AMAZING IM SO HAPPY ! Seriously, it is an amazing blessing to find the person who completes you in all ways. I think Sean and Ezekiel are that kind of couple.
Also, Meg graduates in a couple days, and DAN GETS MARRIED AS WELL! As my companion says "Tranquilla!" Seriously, I am way impressed by these milestones people are taking. It really is amazing.
I hope that this weeks stays fresh for everyone! If I forgot to mention anybody forgive me., because this internet place is the the worst place for concentration.
P.S. Thanks Mama and Dad for sending me money. I m sorry I have been so stressed about that lately. I promise to spend it with prudence.
Hermana Addington

Hermana Bailey and I. She's a queen!!!:)

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