Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pollos and the Family (June 1st)

Right now I am in Ica, in a very questionable internet palace. Why do they all call them Internet palaces here? Its like a motel compared to a hotel. This week me and Hma. Tuquerrez visied alot of really great families. At first we only had 2 investigators progressing, and then one day we knock on both their doors and find their husbands. Roger, Luz husband( well theyre not actually married. Dropped that sucker punch on  }us at the last second.) BUt he is really anxious to learn more. He told he he felt happy whn we shared the first vision. He wants to read and pray and actually kno }w if its true. Thats somehting he never would have thought about doing if he hadn't decided to let us in and tach. The same for another new investigator, Jonathan. He is Diana"s(investigator) husband, and had already listened to the missionaries as a teenager. But he felt like they were just teating him as a number and not a person. But now he feels like coming back to church, now that he has a family. And hes married! At least thats what they both told us. You can never be too sure in Peru. We really do have high hopes for the both of them. 

My testimony on the family really has been strengthened the longer I have been in the mission. Really, the benefits are pretty obvious  to the members of the church, if not to the whole world. I commemorated L. Tom Perry this week by re reading his conference talk on the Family. And he really was a great and true writer. I know that his family is just persevering for the way when they can all be together again in the celestial kingdom. But that thing I love about church doctrine, is that it continually focuses on learning by faith and repenting. Even after this life we are going to continue working as missionaries, temple worshipping, everything we have done here. That's why we have to attain his growing desire to learn right now, so that it strengthens as we die and pass onto the next life. 
We are all in this life preparing for bigger and better things. 

And I am so happy to hear my family an friends" stories about making new families of their own,. passinonto college, making new friends. having new jobs. Although we might forget things from time to time, God wants us to keep trying no matter what. I have realized that the more time I have in my mission, the more focused and curious and humble I need to be. Because I still have so many hings to get done, and apply afterward. Bu for now, I am going to stay by the tree, like Michael T. Ringwood said. 
I hope everyone has an amazing week! Work as hard as you can! Thats the cure for any disanimated mind. 
Hermana Addington

This is the pollada that me and Hma, Tuqerrez did a couple weeks ago to help one of our converts raise money. You basically just saw the least gross pics. I was there for it all, the slaughtering, the de feathering, the cleaning, and finnally, the cooking. We were fasting while all this happened. Thank goodness. It was a fun and gross experience, like watching current Nickelodeon shows. 
Then we celebraed Hma. Tuquerrez" 22 nd bitrthday! 

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