Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Oh esta, todo bien (Oh, it is all well) (June 29)

This week as a week of alot of endings, but many beginnings. Me and Hma, Tuquerres headed off to Ica Wednesday to have the last multizone and despidir (say goodbye) to the Douglas family. It was something so great to hear Presidents last words as a mission president, and also fro Hma. Douglas and Chris. They really, apart from so many things, have shown me what it is be a family that perseveres until the end. They have experienced so many hardships in their life that wouldn't be that different than other families. But they have used the Book of Mormon and the temple as their strength.

 Hma. Douglas got up to share her last testimony, written all by herself in Spanish, not translated by anyone. It wasn't long, but it was a triumph for her. That is something else I will remember from them, he key to being resilient. Encouraging your efforts even more than your success, and not seeing things as failure, but more as a way to change and improve. 

Then the Fowler's got up and shared their testimonies. We had just sung the hymn "Come Come Ye Saints." In Spanish the title is, "Oh esta todo bien", more or less, "all is well." Elder Fowler told us that his great great grandfather wrote that hymn as a pioneer. After having a nightmare that his wife had a miscarriage, he ran to find her. When he realized that she was fine, and later on delivered a healthy baby, he was so happy ha held a party in his home with all his friends. and wrote the hymn. The part at the end, "all is well", is what Elder Fowler thinks every time he has a trial. 

When Joseph Smith was given instruction about the brass plates, and overcome with tons of responsibility, his mother asked him how he was. His response " All is well, mother. I feel very well.(Mo siento bastante bien.) After the storm, there is always a calm. After a fight, there is always a moment to reflect and repent. After everything has been said and done, if we trust in God and his understanding Love, everything will be handled the way he desires it to be, and all will be well. 

I have felt that type of calm energy come over me this week. In all the work we are doing here, me and Hma., Tuquerres were a little overwhelmed the other day. We  only have one investigator with a baptismal date, Jose Carlos, who still hasn't attended church. Also, our less active didn't attend yesterday. Just one, who we don't eve n know if shes less active or not. But I know that God is just giving us a little trial, to see where our faith and works are. 

Then, after all I can do, he will say,
"All is well." That's my only fear, failing God. But if I and we all do everything in our power to not only keep his commandments, but keep making covenants, and helping others to make and keep them as well. we will never  fail Him. 

Its like it says in the last chapter or Enos. I have no time to look it up, but its amazing to read about his loyalty.
Stay loyal, stay true, and keep it real and blue.
I love EVERYONE! Have a great week!
Hermana Addington

The last multizone that we had, and a service project with Hma. Clinsy and her fidgety but adorable children. 

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