Friday, August 14, 2015

The Firefighters of Your Heart (August 10th)

Dear President, 
 Thank you so much for all of your advice this week acerca finding new election. It really has-been a blessing. Yesterday, we found a family of old Investigators, the Florentine Family, the parents and Their three little kids, and later, after an Appointment with another investigator fell through, we knocked on the first door nearby, and Were accepted in. We had a lesson with a family named Ramirez, and When we got home Counted That We had five new Investigators. But They Were not just numbers, They were amazing families, ready to learn and change. It really chnages my perspective When we meet a family, Strengthens my testimony. I Know That, Although Might we still not know Their future, we know Gods vision for them, and all can do our part to help them try to realize that. 
Have a great week, and say hi to Sister McGinn for me! 
Sister Addington  I am so happy That I Have Been called to this area. It has-been one of The most challenging, and funny excperiences of my whole mission. We found alot of new people this week, but the quantity will never Overcome the quality. We Have Been Struggling really this week, looking for less actives and Being Both rejected by them and other random people in the street. We knock on one door, and This Old lady starts barking at us to go away, so Hma. Freyre decide to say, "Thanks alot for your help," in Inglés. As we see her surprised face shut the door, we see this older man in the street. Hma. Freyre thought I was deaf, and I decided to take out a card and hand it to him. And Then He just looks right at us and throws it on the ground. I have all my mission faced rejection, in my whole life, but something About That day was just Particularly ominous. We head over to our house and watch leaders misison the Jeffery R.Holland and Eyring talk about the atonement and missionary work.They Thanked us for showing it to them, but I am pretty sure That Freyre and I needed more than them. It Has Been Such a great blessing to see These New Investigators also accept the gospel for the first time, it was like Alma Said in ch.36 "my joy was as great as my pain."  I just want to take as much advantage of esta time I have while I am still here. That I am so happy I can be a missionary in this Time, to be Able to invite people to be Baptized, to repent. I am super-happy to be coming home as well, dont get me wrong, but I know That it will not be the same.  Anyway, in other words, I am totally cool Meg With bedspread whatever you wanna buy me. I will be the happiest girl in the world just to Have things, Because I think I am going to leave almost all my clothes in the misison. Because I dont know what I would spread to the US  Um, your answers, I shop at Wal mart like store esta called Tottus to get all my produce, but everything else in the market. We usually take minivans / vans) everywhere, or bikes or taxis. Either And we always eat Chicken, fish, or pork (pork), and rice with yucca and corn. > Funny experience: in a lesson yesterday this little baby started crying, so His mother gave him a nail and hammer. Literally 2 min later the little baby almost swallowed it. And Then His Dad Talked About a dream I HAD Where Jesus was crying. Peru. Nuff said. I love yall! Read Helaman 14, its the best chapter about the atonement Love,  Sister Addington

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