Friday, August 14, 2015

The Real Life of Canete (August 3rd)

This is titled The Real Life of Canete becauseI HAD no other notion of what to put in the box. So here we go. 

Dear President, 
this week has been really full of miracles. We're starting out from scratch in our area, with new researchers, new less active, all except for the recent converts. Actually I have the feeling that this area is burning potential, just get it, as you have taught us. contact with a family on the street the other day was established, and the mother Turs (Fabiola) is a less active and her partner (Enrique) is a researcher. Both are very interested in the church and miraculously arrived at the church on Sunday! Although it was only the second time they came! We also have a sister named Nelly, whose daught and her husband are active members. She started coming to church just after her husband baptized his daughter. With all his attendance at church, she could be baptized soon. We just have to find the right time to teach her, when she isnt working. But we have faith that everything will be fine! 
Many thanks for all your support and care! You and Siter McGinn has a great week! 
Sister Addington
Dangit, I really did not mean to send yall This First letter to the president in Spanish. The new page just Automatically translated it while I had my back turned. But he, thats why theres google translate. And google it fails, Which Usually it does, take it to any other RM who needs the cash and ask them to translate that bad boy.
This week has-been amazing, not just in terms of the food my new pancionista Annie cooks us but in many things. We saw Fabiolaand esta Enrique Come to church Sunday. They Were, Although late, They kept their word! All We Have to do now is have the support of Annie and Edelmo (husband, just got married and Baptized past Saturday) So They can stop living together and start getting married as well! Also, we have a sister named Nelly, Whose husband and daughter are members, and have gone to church like 4 times, all 3 hours. She Could Easily get Baptized, we just gotta help her warm up a little bit through lessons. The weather currently is not helping that. But I know That this is all in Gods wonderful plan.
Otherwise, we are strugglig a little to find new Investigators and less actives, but we do what Pres Hinkley Gotts said:. Forget ourselves and GO TO THE CHAMBA! (Workfor all you white people) 
I am excited, Because Hma. Freyre is a great companion, and we reallycan work together even more miracles. 
Thanks for all your prepation yall and love, I just wanna hug each and every single one of you! Soon! 
Ps. PLEASE do not just serve me in my homecoming meal rice. I wish to stay away from crazy That carb for at Least 11.7 months. 
I love everybody, have an amazing week! 
Sister Addington

PS Read in Jacob 4 and John 13 about the atonement.  Its amazing.  Sister Addington

Me and SISTER FREYRE in New Imperial aka. the real life of ··

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