Friday, August 14, 2015

What the Fish? (July 20th)

Dear Pres. McGinn, 
This week has really been a week of revelation and help for me. When we had our zone meeting on Tuesday, I was really thinking in how we could better our finding eforts, as well as have more investigators progressing. It has always been a challenge to find married families here, and eve more so ones that are willing to be baptized. But as I thought about the council given on Saturday by you, the assistants, the zone leaders, and opther missionaries, I realized something. We have a specific area, companionship, and calling for a reason. If God gave us everything already solutioned or us, there woiuld be no challenges, there would be no overcoming, andmy companion nor I would learn what we have lerned at this point in the mission. So, I have made the resolution to not only accept the resources God has given me, but use them to their full potential, really amplify and aument what has already been given to me. I am seeing our investigators, our less actives, and converts in a new light. I know that we really are going to have success when we focus on the work this way, and I thank you for helping me to learn and understand that. I really feel like this week is going to be amazing, full of even more miracles and success. Thank you for the dedication and love you and Sister McGinn give everyday. I promise to work as hard as I can this week to make ya"ll(I am from Texas after all) proud! 
Hermana Addington
This week really has strengthened my testimony, in regards to looking for and finding solutions. I was reading in the Book of Mormon, in Ether 2, and thought about the way that the lord solutioned the brother of Jareds problem. It wasnt with some huge miracle that happened instantly, but with small little hints here and there, and his own questions as well, so that he himself could show his faith and be blessed by the Lord. aT FIRST, HE SAYS, IN CH. 2:24-25 that he himself creates the winds and difficulties, challenges, and then, asks him what solution the brother of jared needs to give. and then eventually he shows himself to the brother of jared after he shows his faith. That is my short but sweet message today, show you faith=receive a miracle, a blessing. I know each and everyone of yall can do that today and everyday this week and I am so proud of yall for it!
Sorry there wasnt enough time to write today, but enjoy the pics of Marcona! It was stinking goregous.
P.S. Amy I am coming home on September 9th, rmeember that. Ask mama and Dad, they should have all the plans received by the mission office. I am so excited to see YOU!
Shermana Fish Addington

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