Monday, May 12, 2014


Orale! Thats what the Mexican Elder Orea in my district is always saying. I still have no idea what it even means. But, Orale familia! Greetings from one of the most carby countries in the world! 

My first week in the mission is finally termino, and it's been about 12 days since I have seen a real bell pepper.You would think its super easy to see fresh fruit and veggies on peoples tables here, but its harder than a snake to clean the wretched things.
Emily Culp was so right when she said that every poop in the mission is a miracle. I think I kinda know the feeling of having a baby. Especially because the other day while teaching a little kid named Alfonzo (the fonze for short(, was patting my stomach asking me if I was embarazada. Pregnant. He though I was pregnant because all this rice, papas, pan, pasta people have been feeding me turned into a cement baby in my stomach. Yup kid, i am pregnant with the baby your mama fed me just now. I think I will name him Carbo, and he shall be my pride and joy. 
But I feel alot better now thanks to Metamucil. If I need any more money this month for medicine, I will ask yall in another email. Remember, if you help a missionary in her time of need, you will receive 2 tickets to heaven! 
The Espanol is going okay. I am no Ricky Ricardo, butI know enough to get through a lesson, get around the city, and inveite people to be baptized! Yup. Me and Rivera have 4 baptisma in May. Its kinda a miracle.
 First is Silvio, a kinda slow but super sweet middle aged man. Next is Maria Torealba, and amazing widow whose had such bad luck. Her husband was earning money for the both of them because she has a bad leg, but he was killed ina hit and run 2 months ago, and now she is almost completely in poverty. Pretty much everyone here is poor, but especially her because she has no other way to work. But that is why shes also so excited for her baptism, because she can see her husband again, and feel her purpose in life. Bishop Ocumbra, whose amazing btdubs, wants to help her become a pancionesta. She deserves work. Astrid and Juan Carlos are married with 2 little kids, and are kinda amazing. They are still waiting on an answer from God about their baptism, but I am gonna bet on yes. 
Sorry in advance about not having many pics, and about the super weid typing. This week was super short, and this keyboard is kinda super weird. I cant make plural words with this thing. Meg ,my editor, can make my corrections for me though. Speaking of which, I still cant find like any new letters from yall. Super weird. 
Chao, cuindense mucho, and keep it fresh. I hope to hear from each of you individually soon!

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