Monday, May 12, 2014


(My family is planning on moving to Utah this summer, and this is Hannah's reaction.)***

I cannot believe ya'll are finally making the decision to move somewhere out of Texas! And of course you decided to do it during my mission. 
But really, I"m super happy this is happening for our family. Even though I will miss eating barbecue and going to Austin for the weirdest/coolest festivals ever, we can still have a grandioso time in Utah. And this might make it easier for me to come home at the normal set date in September 2015, because ya'll will already be close to school and whatnot. But I will never cease to tell people I'm from Texas, because truly that is my big wide home. 
Literally, because living in my apartment right now is super cramped, no joke. I remember when Dad was telling me about his first apartment as a college freshman and was washing his clothes and dishes in the sink. I"m currently doing that now. And killing bastante (too many in Spanish) cucharachas. I now know why that song exists. Seriously though, they"re everywhere. It's kinda a good stress reliever though, because when I feel angry about saying something wrong in Spanish or see another investigator miss an appointment, I can just go home a kill a big fat cucharacha. 

I have to admit, I was a little bit sad when I didn't see a new email from ya"ll last week, but I really feel fine now. I will never miss a week of writing ya'll, I promise. Especially because this is kinda like my only little key to the outside world. Well, that and the time we watched 17 miracles in the CCM. But really, I actually feel like my thoughts are a little bit more organized everyday.

This week was kinda like my salvation, because I got to have an interchange with 2 American companions from Argentina! Jk it's America, they're both from Utah, and both spending 3 months together in Canete. It's super funny, because they both talk the same in Spanish, and English. But they were really sweet, and helped me to feel a little more at home here. I could speak English to them for like 2 whole days, and used that time not to complain, but simply unload my feelings
And they were super receptive, because all the problems I've had with the language, my stomach, my teaching, they had too. 
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Hermana Rivera mucho, she is super strong and funny, and she knows how to speak Spanish for me when I just sound like a 5 year old, but she is still hard to explain stuff to. Our relationship right now is super tight though, tighter than my headband used to hide my greasy locks. 
I'm super excited to hear how this cute German girl is changing your lives! (My family had a German exchange student for a while.) And pretty soon, when I skype with ya'll this Sunday, I wanna hear Dad's best accent. (My dad speaks German) I hope he sounds like Utchdorf. And Megan and Abby are becoming tight with her, that's so sweet.
Yeah so the Mother's Day skype thing. I think I have about 40 minutes to talk with ya'll, no more no less, and I need to find a member"s computer to use. And I also need to contact ya'll at about 3 in the afternoon your Texas time. But, I"m going to call ya"ll at about 3:30 today, just for like 3 minutes to leave a message. It will sound like: Oh hey I'M CALLING YA'LL SUNDAY AT THIS TIME. I really wish I could connect to Amy, but I don"t know how the internet is gonna be. But I'll find out soon and let ya'll know this afternoon in the message. I can't wait! I'm so excited I might just pee my pants. 
Hermana Hannah Banana

***Everything in bold is my (Han's sister, Meg, the blogger) commentary to help your understanding of Hannah's emails.

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