Monday, May 12, 2014


This letter is for all you kids out there that have adorable Mamas. And all you adorable mamas too. I love you all! Seriously, yesterday's Mother's Day Skype call home was one of the best, most loco and memorable times of my life. I was trying to make sure everybody had time to talk to me about things I had been waiting to say for 2 months, but everybody was actually fighting for my attention. That was insane, because I remember the only things we really ever fight over are food, and television. But it was for me! I felt like a queen. 

But really this was your day, Mama. And I hope you felt like the fairest queen in all the land. Because you really are. I missed your accent, your walk, your dancing. I am sooo happy you gave birth to me and reaied me to be proud and sassy. It is a little hard to be sassy here, but I just gotta find a joke in Spanish that's mine. 
Because seriously, I cannot lose my humor here, it is one of the only things that can keep me sane. I refuse! As Tina Fey says, FOREVER YOUNG! And when I come home, I will still be like 21.5, but I will feel like a geezer. 

This week with investigators was a little like the sequel movie in a trilogy. It sucks at first, but then you find a bunch of stuff to tie you over to the end. 
Silvio fell through with church again, Fermin was totally incognito for like 3 days after someone stole his phone, and Maria Torrealba still does not feel like being baptized. 


 Because dadadeda* Me and Rivera met a new group of cute little girls! Dara and Fabiana, lil teenage sisters are attending church and wanna be baptized on May 31st, and Katy wants that sweet salvation too, on the same day! 
That day is like 2 days before Hermana Rivera finishes her mission, and returns to good ol Honduras. I am gonna miss that little dongbird soo much. Especially because when I have a new trainer I kinda have to know what the heck is going on. Ancestors protect me! But I have a feeling in my corazon that I am gonna be okay. I have not dies of electrocution, fumigation, or contamination yet, and I think I just might be alive through capicatation..(Training in Spanish.) Sounds like the word decapitation to me. 

So, other super funny things that happened this week. The Dia de Las Mama celebration in Chincha was super jovial, with all these dancing chicas and cute little Primary kids putting on a play about elephants and giraffes. I think the Latinas dancing skills make up for the fact that they cannot keep a tune. Seriously, its really funny because they try so hard. 

Oh, and This week I got to see Elder Scott Grow of the Seventy in Ica! He was way cool, and reminds me of Gru from Despicable Me. Mostly cuz he has skinny legs and a funny nose. But his Spanish is par core, and he was super motivating. And being at the meeting with other gringas serving gave me more hope for myself. If they can kick it, I can kick it. 

Hannah is a genius......the resemblance is astonishing! 

I really cannot express how happy I was to talk to you Meg, Abby, Mama, Daddy, and Amy. You all make me get abs from chuckling and change motivate me to keep moving forward. Thank you for all your love and prayers, and I will send you each an individual email every other week. Yo prometa. 

Your sweaty missionary, 
Hermana Hannah Banana Addington

P. S. I have not actually eaten bananas in like 5 days because now they constipate me. 

P.S.S. The hijas del bishop Luana and Sonalie say Megan and Abby are like beautiful little birds. And Mama is like a beautiful cat. And Dad and Amy, you and I are pretty much like 3 cool doggies kickin it. 

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