Monday, August 11, 2014

Missionary Power

Just so you know Meg, this key in this keyboard is horrible, so please correct everything with amor, kay? 
So, I do not mean to sound like sacreligious or anything, but I feel like I have become more like Jesus thi week than ever before. Its begins with the lessons. making them easy enough  for an eight year old kid named Rodrigo and a man who cannot speak or read named Ignacio can understand. We are pretty lucky though, because Iagnacio is meno activo, and wa taught all these things through hi family and elders, and we are just bringing them back to hi memory. He i incredibly sweet and hilarious. Me and Mendoza probably look like silly chicken, trying to learn his sign during a leson. His signs are totally different than normal ASL, and they actually make more sense. Also Rodrigo is helping us to find different words to explain prophets and revalation. Really, I love simplyfying stuff. That is how God and Jesu always teach, and that is how we always need to explain stuff. 
We are trying to find more families right now, and although it really is not the eaiest thing in the world, we are strengthening the members, because with their references, everything is better. I never knew how much power the members in my home ward had when they were working with the missionaries. When I go home (whoah, no right now, hold your horses), I am going to give the missionarie like 5 ref. a week. (Family you better check me on this when I get home. I am a woman of my word.) 
I am so happy to hear about all of the success everybody is having right now in their new citie. Amy in her pequena apartment. (yes it is kinda like the mission, minus cucaracha, dirty water, and a dirtyshower curtain;) Mama and Dad in their new jobs, Grandma Judya nd Grandpa Clayton preaching the gospel in Oregon. (I have a 7couple here in Chincha exactly like ya"ll named Joe and Maritza Mendoza. They are going to serve a couple mission in I do not know where this year.) Meg and Abby geeting ready to start school in Utah and shake things up over there. And I am almot sure that all my other past roomates are already married and have like 6 kids each by now. Chiste I hope not! Enjoy your single lives ladies! 
Really everyone is doing great, and I am really loving hearing about all your accomplishments. Jut do not forget to leave time to spend with one another. something great to read all the time i the Proclamation for the Family.
When I figure out how, I am gonna send a video of me and Mendoza. It is hilarious because I cannot dance. 
Hermana Addington

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