Thursday, June 11, 2015

Vuelo de su Vida (The Flight of Your Life) (June 8th)

Okay, so this email is going to be a little short. I literally have 2 seconds to type something. I am so happy that I was able to be a misisonary this week, and am so happy that MEG GRADUATED, AND DAN GOT MARRIED! AND ABBY IS GROWING INTO A YOUNG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! 
 Thank you always for your support, your love, and I hope everyone has a good week. Dad thankyou for helping me figure out my bank account stuff. 
Cuidense mucho! I promise I will write more next week! 
Shmermana Addington

The last interview with Pres. Douglas before Pres. comes,our zone picture (The lady who took it didn't tell me when she was ready! my plaque got caught in my hair) 
And the best church misisonary activity EVER called El Vuelo de Su Vida. (The flight of your life.) 

The amazing Fowlers (missionary couple from Pennsylvania in Nazca) with their activities and shannagins. We played this game called water bomb. Basically you justrun and try toi hit somebody with a water balloon. It was the best. 

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